Avoid confrontation and damage from the road rage idiots!!

We would like to share an email sent to the Arrive Alive Road Safety Website from a concerned motorist!

“Hi just as an illustration of how not to behave as a SA citizen. This morning travelling in Commissioner street in the CBD I saw why people turn around sometimes and give into road rage because it is a matter of good manners.

I was travelling in the left hand lane which is very narrow because of the centre bus lane. So every morning people travel and we all know that we should not drive in the lane restricted for busses. Well these two guys in the vehicle (attached) came up the bus lane and the JMPD are on duty every day they realized they have to swerve over the “hobbles” demarcating the bus lane and nearly pushed me into the parked traffic.

I managed to slam on brakes and low and behold the passenger (a white male in need of a shave and a wash) opened his window and he was swearing at ME and waving the most obscene signs and hand signals. Well, I thought if it was a big strong man driving my car would he be doing that especially knowing he is in the wrong? I don’t think so. You can even see from the picture what he is doing I took the picture from my car. What respect is that for a woman I ask myself and I drive this road to work every day even the taxis drive more courteous than these hooligans.

With citizens like this no wonder we have all sorts of arguments and fights breaking out because this is just so not cool.

Kind Regards”

Here is the Photo:

What do we need to know when confronted by these road rage idiots?

Safe Driving Advice when confronted by road rage

We have shared advice on how to avoid road rage, but what do we do when another is already enraged and confronting us? We have found a few good suggestions from our road safety friends in Canada.

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec and CAA-Quebec urge drivers to avoid situations that can lead to confrontation.

Tips on handling situations involving aggressive drivers:

If a driver is putting pressure on you:

If possible and safe, move to the left and let the other driver pass you.

If you are faced with aggressive behaviour:

Stay calm.

Avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver so as not to exacerbate the situation.

Do not respond to provocative words or actions.

Do not respond with disrespectful words or actions.

Do what you can to avoid conflict.

If an aggressive person leaves his vehicle and heads toward you:

Remain in your vehicle, make sure the windows are shut and doors locked.

Avoid arguing with the aggressive driver, looking at the person or making provocative gestures.

Leave the area and go to a place where you can get help.

Do not go home if the aggressive driver is following you.

If you’re in traffic and can’t drive away, pick up your cellphone and show the person you are calling the Police

If the person doesn’t back off, honk your horn to attract the attention of other drivers.

Note the make of the other driver’s car and his or her license plate.

[This email has been shared with the National Traffic Call Centre and Enforcement at the RTMC]

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5 thoughts on “Avoid confrontation and damage from the road rage idiots!!

  • April 21, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    I totally disagree if someone wants to play silly buggers, tailgating at high speed, I have a system.

    1. Flash hazards
    2. Put hand out the window and politely suggest that they back off
    3. Flash hazards again
    4. Gently accelerate to about 140
    5. Without decelerating and making sure that the tailgater is up close, touch your brake pedal gently so that the breaklights light up and keep accelerating. The results can be spectacular.
    6. Never do this if there is any other traffic on the road, pick a quiet stretch of road preferably on a straight when you can see clearly.

  • March 18, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    I prefer to flip my rearview mirror up and keep a check on my side mirrors until I can safely move over. It always seems to happen on an up hill on the freeway with a solid line of trucks in the left hand lane.These “men” (?) are incredibly stupid.

  • August 6, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Here in the Western Cape we are daily faced with the evil of “Right Lane Road Snails”
    They stick to the right lane and will not allow you to pass on their right hand side.
    And usually they are driving slower than the drivers in the left lane.
    Everybody is complaining about this, but we at keepleft.co.za actually did something about this:
    We are selling car window shades with the wording “Keep Left Pass Right”
    By doing this we want to educate drivers and try and help the road ragers to make a statement.
    The more shades we sell, the more road users will benefit.
    Please visit our website at:

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