JPSA calls for charges of attempted murder to be brought against homicidal taxi driver

Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) has called for a charge of attempted murder to be brought against the homicidal minibus taxi driver who hit and dragged a female pedestrian some 200 metres in Lonehill Boulevard this morning.

When a distressed caller called Talk Radio 702 at around 06:30 this morning, JPSA immediately contacted National Traffic Police Chief David Tembe and JMPD Operations Director Joyce Maribe who both immediately dispatched units to Lonehill.

Concerned motorists chased the taxi and passengers apparently continually screamed at the driver to stop. Eventually the taxi came to a halt outside the Lonehill Fire Station where EMS staff tended to her injuries and transported her to hospital in a critical condition. It has since emerged that the taxi driver was involved in a hit and run prior to hitting and dragging the pedestrian.

SAPS have taken the taxi driver into custody and say they will charge him with reckless or negligent driving.

However if there has ever been a valid argument for bringing a charge of attempted murder, this is it and the State will have no problem in proving this charge, given the high volume of witnesses bot in and outside of the taxi. The secondary charge of reckless or negligent driving can also be brought but is our (and the authorities) opinion that the main charge should be attempted murder, provided that the victim survives.

“The matter has been discussed between JPSA, David Tembe and Joyce Maribe and we all concur that the most appropriate charge here is attempted murder” said Howard Dembovsky, JPSA National Chairman. We will be contacting Lonehill SAPS shortly.

JPSA would like to extend its sincere congratulations to all parties concerned in acting in this matter, especially to Talk Radio 702 and all of the members of the public who got involved.

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

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    • September 13, 2011 at 4:41 pm

      The entire Taxi Industry should be charged, daily we are dealing with Reckless and Negligant drivers, daily we are dealing with bodies from Taxi accidents, daily they bully the public in traffic…..when does it end? What is government doing to decrease taxi accidents, taxi reckless driving, taxi overloading….. tell me what please? The Taxi Industry is the Mob of SA and the Government is scared of them….. how do we combat crime when we cant even sort out taxi drivers… poor show from government

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