Celebrate World Red Cross Day on the 8th of May

Every year on the 8th May is marked as the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. This day is celebrated for two reasons. One is for the birthday of the founder of the organisation Mr Henri Dunant and the second reason to celebrate the hard work that all members from the Red Cross and Red Crescent do throughout the year in helping others.

The international committee of the Red Cross was founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Red Cross was started during the war time to help with first aid and to protect the solider or member of public life, no matter the circumstances and would be protected under the International Human Rights Law. The flag for the Red Cross is a Red Cross on a white back ground.

The Red Cross is based all over the world helping in war torn countries and providing medical assistances in countries that have diseases. Feeding schemes are also set up by the Red Cross when natural disaster occurs, giving out food and blankets to the people in the time of need.

In South Africa some schools have been trained by the Red Cross Society in First Aid. There is Red Cross youth groups as well training the youth of today in compassion to human kind.

ER24 would like to thank the Red Cross Society for all the hard work and dedication that they do all year round. Without you some paramedics would have not taken up the calling of Emergency Care and continue the good work that you have shown the world.

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