Spain is the number one summer destination for 2012

Spain appears to be loved for more than just superb performances on the football pitch – but also as a destination for the summer holiday!

As millions of families prepare to pack up and set off on summer holidays in Europe, TomTom shares the travel plans of over 10,000 people from around the world. The independent study found that 81% of people will embark on a summer holiday this year, Spain will be the number one holiday hot spot and the primary goal for travelers will be to “relax” (39%). The average holiday will last 12 days* and most people will travel by car, either their own or with family/ friends (48%), or using a rented car (5%).

The study found that 24% of global respondents are planning to spend more on their summer holiday in 2012 than in 2011. If money were no obstacle, people’s dream holiday destination (39%) would be a “tropical island”. The survey found that July is the month when most people will travel in 2012 and “good weather” is the most important ingredient for a perfect summer holiday (74%).

“The summer holiday is a precious time for people all over the world. It’s a chance to relax, spend time with family and friends and discover new places,” says Daan Henderickx, Country Manager for TomTom South Africa. “With so many people travelling by car this year, we aim to help people get the most out of their holidays. From avoiding the jams to exploring new places, we believe that great summer journeys start with TomTom.”

Travelers looking for a tropical paradise getaway can apply for TomTom’s Map Paradise Project, a once in a lifetime opportunity for five families or groups of friends to spend two weeks on a tropical island and “earn” 10,000 euros for mapping it. The Map Paradise Project will help create five new navigable maps for Fiji, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Cape Verde and the Seychelles. To apply, applicants simply need to fill in a form at

The study was conducted by YouGov Plc in partnership with TomTom. The total sample was 10,794 adults from 21 countries. Fieldwork was undertaken between 13th April and 16th May 2012, and the survey was conducted online.

TomTom Summer Holidays Research 2012

The research, in partnership with YouGov Plc, was conducted in 21 countries: Denmark, Norway, UK, France, Finland, Sweden, US, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, South Africa, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

*Calculations made by TomTom

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