What is the risk of pedestrian distractions?

On the Arrive Alive website we have shared information on the risk of pedestrian distractions to road safety. But what are these distractions?

What are these distractions inhibiting situational awareness?

  • Cell phone conversations
  • Text messaging
  • Listening to music [i-pod]
  • Looking at something other than the direction of travel
  • Waving away an insect
  • Conversations with friends
  • Eating on the run
  • Looking on one’s watch
  • Attempting to find something in a backpack or luggage
  • Reading a book or newspaper
  • Being lost in thought etc

It is important to note that looking is not always seeing, and distraction caused by any of the above activities could result in pedestrians either failing to look or looking but failing to see. The looked-but-failed-to-see phenomenon is not new and is not limited to pedestrians.

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