Is it illegal to park on a speed bump?


I would like some information regarding a situation. There is a vehicle which keeps parking outside my house on the pavement and on the edge of a speed bump. I wanted to know, is it not illegal to park on a speed bump. Is there a recommended distance for parking near a speed bump or on the pavement.

Thank you for your assistance.


You are not allowed to park …

  • where you would obscure a road traffic sign (a road-surface marking is also a road sign)
  • where the vehicle is encroaching on a sidewalk (i.e. on or partially on a sidewalk)
  • in any other place where the stopping of a vehicle would or would be likely to constitute a danger or an obstruction to other traffic.

These are the no-parking places in reference to the question below. There are also other places where a vehicle may not be parked.

Reference: National Road Traffic Act, Regulation 305

Gavin Hoole
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