Gang of suspected robbers nabbed and weapons and vehicle keys seized in Limpopo

This weekend an Intelligence driven operation led to the arrest of a gang of 6 men and the recovery of several weapons in Mahwelereng area in the Limpopo province.

The team gathered intelligence that the gang had planned to hold up staff at a business premises and blow up an ATM. However, their plans were foiled when the intelligence team together with Limpopo provincial and Mahwelereng Detective Services and the local Tactical Response Team arrested the gang on the N11 between Steilloop and Mokopane. The gang comprised of 5 South Africans from various parts of the country plus one foreign national.

The suspects were found in possession of:-

·         3 x 9mm pistols (serial numbers filed off) with magazines and 19 live rounds

·         2 x Revolvers (serial numbers filed off) with ten (10) live rounds

·         Explosives: 1 x dura fase, 1 x stop fuse (capped fuse), 1 x blasting Cartridge

·         Extension electric cable

·         1 x 10 pound hammer

·         Balaclavas

·         1 x angle grinder

·         1 x screw driver

·         1 x equipment to force open vehicle doors

·         16 x vehicle keys

The suspects face possible charges of possession of unlicensed firearms and explosives.

All the firearms will be sent for ballistic testing to determine if they were used in the commission of other crimes. Also, the possibility that these suspects may be wanted in connection with other cases cannot be ruled out at this stage.

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