Defy rewards Wayde van Niekerk for ‘defying’ the odds to smash a 20-year old Olympic record

When it comes to the ‘Defyning Memories’ of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, few stand out more for South Africans than Wayde van Niekerk’s record-breaking gold medal in the 400m race. The young athlete, who missed the 2012 Games through injury, obliterated the 400 metre record previously held by US Olympic great Michael Johnson.

As the country’s number one appliance brand, Defy South Africa would like to congratulate the nation’s number one athlete on his spectacular achievement. Having demolished an Olympic record that has stood for 20 years, it is clear that Wayde is a great role model to many young South Africans.

Wayde has served as Defy’s brand ambassador in the company’s ‘Defyning Memories’ campaign, which is designed to showcase ‘Home-grown products, supporting home-grown talent’. The initiative has not only helped to capture the promising athlete’s talent, but has also helped to tell his family’s story as well.

Famously, his mother, Odessa Swarts, was a prominent track and field athlete in her day, although the political climate at the time prevented her from having the opportunity to compete seriously. For this reason, Wayde places high value on heritage and family, which is something that aligns very closely with the Defy brand.

“Wayde has experienced numerous successes in his athletic career, culminating in his record-breaking achievement at the Olympics this year. This was truly a Defyning Moment in his career,” explains Cherisse Erwee, Marketing Manager at Defy Appliances.

“We, like the rest of the country, are extremely proud of Wayde’s achievements and we are honoured to be a part of his journey. Of course, we are also aware that this is just another step in what we believe will be an illustrious career, and to help provide Wayde with an additional performance incentive, we are pleased to present him with a cheque for R1 million.”

Erwee adds that the next leg of Defy’s campaign will be titled ‘Defyned Moments’, and will serve as a celebration of definitive moments in work, life and at home. As part of the campaign, Defy will be launching a series of limited edition appliances that will celebrate Wayde’s wonderful achievement at the Rio Games.

“My motto has always been ‘it has to be done’. I realise that the moment is not going to wait for me so I always need to be in the moment,” states van Niekerk. “Therefore, you can be certain that things won’t stop with Rio. What I do is an everyday commitment and lifestyle, and I have come to feel like athletics is a part of who I am, it is ingrained in me,” he concludes.

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