Vehicle telematics specialist Ctrack unveils energy efficiency solution for vehicles

Ctrack, the technologically advanced vehicle monitoring and fleet management company has launched cDrive, a driver behaviour solution that uses information sent from a vehicle to improve its energy efficiency.

“On the hardware side, we fit a telematics device with a built-in accelerometer that measures G-forces in three axes to a vehicle. This is paired with a software component that analyses the information for the most accurate results possible,” says James Verster, Chief Technology Officer at parent company DigiCore.

CDrive measures seven variables per second which includes the speed of the vehicle, its location, how fast the vehicle is accelerating and decelerating, the speed at which it goes around corners, and how fast brakes are applied.

These measurements are done relative to the exact position of the vehicle on a map so fleet managers can monitor all their vehicles on a real-time basis.

“The software compares behaviour of drivers on similar routes. This enables managers, and the drivers themselves who can log in to the system at any time, to see how their performance compares to each other,” says Verster.

There is a leaderboard that rates and ranks the drivers according to specific metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, and so on. Companies can then use this to identify drivers that require specific training.

In addition, cDrive includes a driver behaviour indicator on the dashboard of a vehicle that has green, yellow, and red LED lights that changes according to how well (or poorly) the person drives. This lets the person improves his/her driving in real-time without first having to log in to the system. It features an audible alert when an event is triggered so the driver knows when he/she commits any infractions.

“CDrive is the coming together of industrial and consumer markets to reduce risk and optimise the use of vehicles as it monitors the impact driver behaviour has on the condition of the vehicle,” says Verster.

He says that on the consumer side, insurance companies like Discovery are using the system to calculate a risk index score of their clients and rewarding them for good driving behaviour.

“We have already seen consumers saving up to 20 percent on their fuel bills by using the system and driving conservatively. You are ultimately driving ‘more green’ by maximising the energy in your vehicle,” says Verster.

Ctrack is currently rolling out the solution in the Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and has already begun discussions with countries in Asia.

For Verster, one of the key elements of the system is that it measures the total cost of ownership of a vehicle, from fuel efficiency and tyre wear, to the impact of toll gates and other maintenance costs.

“Another key market for us is the young driver society – parents who buy cars for their school-leaving children and would like to see how safely they are driving. As this is a universal concern for parents, we see the market for this as being huge throughout the world,” he says.

Early next year, Ctrack will expand the solution with the release of a smartphone application that will provide users with a diagram which they can view at a glance to see how they can improve their driving even further.

About DigiCore and Ctrack:

Founded in the 1990s, DigiCore Holdings Ltd listed in the JSE – Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1998. The company specialises in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and support of technologically advanced GPS fleet management, vehicle tracking and personal tracking solutions sold globally.

The design and development of these products are done in Centurion, South Africa and the products are manufactured at DigiCore’s ISO certified facility in Durban, South Africa. DigiCore’s technology is patented worldwide and all IP used in Ctrack belongs to DigiCore.

DigiCore, under the Ctrack brand, offers a wide range of personal tracking, vehicle location, fleet management, satellite navigation, workflow, mobile job planning and security tools – with cost effective and scalable solutions that offer a unique combination of flexibility, reliability and functionality.

DigiCore currently exports approximately 50% of its production. The Group has sold over 600,000 units since listing and has major international clients such as Royal Mail (UK), Thames Water, BHP Billiton, SAPS and Network Rail.

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