Reaction officers awarded for fighting crime in Durban North

Marshall Security management present the shield award to the reaction officer who has achieved outstanding results in his contribution towards the fight against crime in the Durban North area over a three-month period.

This second quarter of 2016 sees this award being shared between two of our team members, reaction officers Luqman Motala and Nishen Jaikissoon for their outstanding work and commitment over the past three months.

Among many call outs and arrests Nishen Jaikissoon who is also a shift supervisor, was part of an arrest of a suspect in the Glen Hills area in May, where he responded to a call from members of the public who had witnessed a suspect stealing a water meter from a complex on Rinaldo Road. The suspect removed the meter and fled in the direction of Harrison Drive. Nishen’s quick thinking and swift actions resulted in the suspect being caught red handed with the stolen meter still in his possession. The suspect was arrested on site and handed over to the Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation.

This quarter Nishen shares the award with another outstanding team member, Luqman Motala.

Marshall Security received a call on a Sunday afternoon in late June, from a client in Workington Road, in the suburb of Greenwood Park, north of Durban, stating that he could see two suspects on his property and heard a window breaking in his outbuilding.

Luqman who was the armed reaction officer on duty in the area, was immediately dispatched to the premises and on his arrival, found two suspects on the property. A foot chase ensued resulting in the arrest of a suspect.

The man was arrested on site and handed over to the Greenwood Park South African Police Services for further investigation and processing.

We would like to commend both Nishen and Luqman for their outstanding work over the last quarter and their ongoing commitment to the safety of the Durban North Community with their dedication to the fight against crime.

A huge thank you must be made to Precision Engraving for the sponsorship of the award.

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