Brazen Thieves Target Homeowners in Trenance Park, KZN

Residents of Marula Circle & Maple Drive in Trenance Park – Verulam have been targeted by brazen thieves in recent weeks.

Reaction Unit South Africa has attended to several complaints where suspects had entered properties while people were at home and stole copper pipes and valuables before fleeing into a dense bush that runs along Marula Circle.

Today Reaction Officers were called out to two homes on Marula Circle after two suspects had stolen copper pipes from one property. The homeowner was at the residence at the time. The suspects then proceeded to a neighboring home where they ripped a geyser off the wall. A member of public pursued the two men who dropped the geyser and fled into the bush.

The suspects are believed to be drug users who prey on homes along the greenbelt on Marula Circle.

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