House robbery suspects arrested and stolen items recovered in Kimberley


Kimberley police Crime Prevention team, clamped down two men aged between 25 and 30 with stolen house contents. The police in their routine crime prevention patrols spotted the suspects carrying heavily loaded black refuse bags, walking down Angel Street, Kimberley.

During the investigation the police found electric equipment including music entertainment component, compact discs and crime implementing tools inside the refuse black bags carried by the suspects. And when they were questioned as to where are they taking the items they are carrying to, they tried to mislead the police by saying they are taking them in for repairs.

However while they were under intense cross questioning they took the police to a house that which they broke into in Holland Street, and show the police how they forced their entry in to the house to steal the house contents.

The suspects are behind bars, and charged with house breaking and theft. They will appear before the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court soon.

The Kimberley Cluster Commander Major General Jean Abraham, commended her team’s Vigilance which led to the arrest of the suspects.

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Axis Communications reveals corner-mount fixed network camera for video surveillance


Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, announces its first corner-mount fixed network camera. The new AXIS Q8414-LVS features a stainless steel anti-grip casing and is impact resistant, supporting the IK10+ 50 joules rating as well as the IP66/NEMA 4X rating for water resistance. The 24/7 indoor surveillance camera provides excellent image quality both day and night with capabilities like Lightfinder technology, which enables life-like colours in low-light conditions, and built-in invisible IR LED illuminator for video surveillance in complete darkness.

“High security environments like correctional facilities and psychiatric wards present unique security challenges and a growing need to prevent self-harm and conflict,” said Roy Alves, , director of business development, Axis Communications, EMEA. “Specifically designed to meet these needs, AXIS Q8414-LVS lacks ligature points, features an anti-grip design and is  vandal resistant. The camera delivers superior HDTV video in any lighting, day or night, for increased image usability.”

The new anti-ligature AXIS Q8414-LVS is ideal for video surveillance of small rooms in premises like correctional facilities, interview rooms, psychiatric wards and medical observation rooms, including elevators and stairwells. Thanks to a built-in microphone and the possibility to integrate the network camera into an alarm system via its I/O port, AXIS Q8414-LVS becomes part of the overall surveillance solution, an important tool to protect and secure the safety of people in high security environments. In addition, privacy masks ensure restricted areas are not monitored for privacy reasons or to protect personnel.

Available in two color versions, powder coated white (AXIS Q8414-LVS White) and brushed stainless steel (AXIS Q8414-LVS Metal), the corner-mount network camera offers 1.3 megapixel or HDTV 720p video stream. It features P-Iris control for an optimal depth of field, resolution, image contrast and clarity. The horizontal angle of view up to 105° covers the entire room without blind spots. Capabilities such as remote zoom and focus facilitate the optimisation of the captured view during the installation.

q8414lvs_metal_front_1409_hi_lowAXIS Q8414-LVS features a unique design that has been developed to be perceived as softer as and less provocative than that of other security installations in correctional facilities and psychiatric wards. Working closely with prison and health authorities in several countries as well as system integrators and installers, Axis designed AXIS Q8414-LVS to feature as few cavities and holes as possible to make the camera easy to clean, as well as prevent prisoners and patients from lodging items inside them.

AXIS Q8414-LVS Network Camera is supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program and AXIS Camera Station.

The cameras include support for AXIS Camera Companion, AXIS Camera Application Platform, AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities.

DigiCore, supplier of Ctrack, announces 34% increase in profit after tax

Ctrack Control roomPerformance for the first half of the financial year to 31 December 2014 has been very encouraging with all operations local and international, reporting profits and solid progress against our strategic objectives and plans.

Nick Vlok, CEO of DigiCore, supplier of Ctrack, advised that the investment and effort devoted to further enhancing the organisation’s systems and processes in prior years are now yielding results. “We are more responsive to our customers’ needs and our customers, in turn, benefit from competitive products and pricing with solutions that are economically scalable across the markets and channels in which we operate”, Vlok added.

Underscoring continued investment in technology, DigiCore’s Ctrack received the 2014 Technology Top 100 award for management of technology (large enterprise category) endorsed by the Department of Science and Technology, and is a master innovator finalist in the Accenture Innovation Index.

Equally, investing in sales structure and selling skills has enabled Ctrack to develop a healthy sales pipeline and leverage a variety of solutions, including insurance telematics, jamming detection and fleet analytics. A new camera and navigation solution, with workforce management, is progressing for release in the second half of the financial year.

Ctrack sponsored TruckX in August 2014, the first one-day conference of its kind for the trucking and logistics fraternity, providing a forum for industry issues to be discussed with new and existing stakeholders and customers.

The group is acquiring the remaining 49% of its subsidiary, FleetConnect, which provides asset lifecycle software and already supplies the software for fuel and maintenance management to three South African banks.

An agreement for distributing Ctrack products in the USA was signed in December 2014, opening new opportunities for the group.

Cash-flow improvement remains a priority as we continue to reduce stock levels and increase recoveries of old debt.

Highlights of the first six months of the financial period were the long-anticipated turnaround of Ctrack’s international operations, increase in revenue generated from the insurance industry, growth in the stolen vehicle response (SVR) market and further success on cost-saving initiatives.

R7,5 million of the profit before tax of R29,7 million was generated by the international business, a welcome reversal from the loss of R3,5 million reported in the comparative period. Revenue increased by 5,3% (R22,5 million), mainly attributed to growth in the SVR and insurance markets.

Overhead expenditure decreased by R5,8 million mainly due to a lower provision for bad debts after the clean-up in the previous financial period. After considering the impact of the bad-debt provision, overhead expenditure was in line with the prior year, reflecting the effectiveness of cost-saving initiatives despite inflationary salary increases of 7% for their employees.

The business continued to generate positive cash flows, allowing the group to settle a further R18,8 million on financing facilities.

The group sold 6 273 500 shares (11,5% of our holding) in TPL Trakker Limited for an amount of R5,9 million which further enhanced the cash position of the group. The results include R2 million of TPL Trakker Limited’s profit which has been equity accounted by DigiCore.

With costs now under control and internal processes being enhanced daily, Vlok concluded, “management is left with the single task of increasing the revenue of the group and managing relationships that will further cement a positive outlook for the group.”

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Insurer shares some insights on the impact of February storms in Pietermaritzburg

Hail size of golf balls

The month of February started rather expensive for many in the KZN area of Pietermaritzburg. Sadly the inclement weather and hail did not only leave a financial impact but also loss of lives in the area.

We reported on this on the Accidents Blog in a post titled Several people have been killed overnight as a result of inclement weather across KZN 

Those fortunate enough to survive the heavy rains and hail were in many places left distraught at the sight of homes, vehicles and other belongings being pelted with hail stones larger than golf balls! This brought about significant financial losses for those who were not insured. Insurance companies were able to assist their clients and gain more insight into the true impact of the storms.

We would like to share some video footage compiled by OUTsurance and interviews with clients on their experiences in the claims process.

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Ipsos Poll reveals South Africans display a higher degree of optimism following last year’s elections

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“Following the 2014 General Election, South African adults are marginally more optimistic about the direction in which the country is going. The performance of the government on the economic terrain is also viewed slightly more positively, however, no “pass marks” are achieved yet”,[1] says Mari Harris, Director of Public Affairs at Ipsos in South Africa.

From 19 September 2014 to 24 October 2014 a total of 3,608 randomly chosen adult South Africans were interviewed in their homes and home languages as part of the Ipsos Pulse of the People™ study (see Technical Detail at the end of press release for more information).

Split opinions: Is the country going in the right or in the wrong direction?

An important indicator of the general mood in the country is the question on whether the country is moving in the right or the wrong direction.  Since 2009, the proportion of adult South Africans who believe that the country is moving in the right direction has declined significantly, while the proportion believing it is moving in the wrong direction has grown.




However, the findings of the November 2014 poll are more positive, with an increase of eight percentage points in the group who said that the country is going in the right direction.  Currently, opinions are split with almost equal proportions saying the country is either going in the right or in the wrong direction.

The remainder, i.e. 17% indicated that they are uncertain. “It is a common international phenomenon in democracies that the mood in the country becomes more positive following an election, as people develop a renewed sense that things would change for the better,” says Harris, “obviously, depending on what happens in the aftermath of an election, the mood can change fairly quickly, as was illustrated by the recent elections in Greece.”

 Performance of the government economically

The Ipsos Pulse of the People™ study undertaken towards the end of 2014 also included the section on Government Performance Barometer (GPB). It measures public perceptions about the South African government’s performance in handling key policy areas. These polls are undertaken every six months.  Respondents were asked to indicate whether they thought the government was doing “Very Well”, “Fairly Well”, “Not Very Well” or “Not At All Well” in handling different policy areas including economic, social, governance and administration areas. On the day before the budget speech in Parliament we will concentrate on the performance of the government on the economic terrain.

The table below summarises the findings of the November surveys of the last four years and shows the proportion of adult South Africans who thought the issue was handled well (“very well” or “fairly well”):


Although the government’s handling of all these issues are viewed more positively than in November 2013, in all these cases still less than half of South Africans believe that the government is handling these issues well.

Looking in more detail at issues around the cost of living, respondents were asked if they thought that the cost of living was rising faster than the official inflation rate.  More than seven in every ten (72%) agreed! Some uncertainty was also expressed, with 17% indicating that they neither agreed nor disagreed, one in every ten (9%) disagreed and 2% said that they did not know.

This finding raises questions about the affordability of basic items and respondents were asked how easy or difficult it was for them and their families to afford items. The results are summarised below.[2]  South Africans find it most difficult to save anything for their retirement and to afford housing.  However, for each of the ten items more than half indicated that they find it difficult or very difficult to afford them – making it clear that South Africans in general are struggling to make ends meet.


Technical detail:


A total of 3,608 personal face-to-face interviews were conducted with randomly selected adult South Africans. The interviews were done in the homes and home languages of respondents.  Trained quantitative fieldworkers from all population groups were responsible for the interviewing, which took place from 19 September to 24 October 2014.  Interviews were done all over the country, from metropolitan areas to deep rural areas. This methodology ensured that the results are representative of the views of the universe and that findings can be weighted and projected to the universe – i.e. South Africans 15 years and older.

Interviews were done using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) and all results were collated and analysed in an aggregate format to protect the identity and confidentiality of respondents.

All sample surveys are subject to a margin of error, determined by sample size, sampling methodology and response rate. The sample error for the sample as a whole at a 95% confidence level is a maximum of 1,67%.

About Ipsos: The Home of Researchers

Ipsos is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organisation, providing research services to clients on a global basis. We set ourselves high standards and aim to work collaboratively in partnership with our teams in order to service our clients most effectively.

Ipsos is proud to be the only global market research company that is still controlled and operated by researchers. We aim to remain the natural home for intellectually curious and passionate researchers.

Our goal is simple: to be our clients' preferred research partners in our areas of specialisation, methodologies and processes. We want our clients to be proud and pleased to work with us - and we want each one of us to be proud and pleased to offer our clients high quality standards, efficiency and intelligence.

[1] The findings of the poll on government performance are usually presented in the form of a traffic light: red light areas, in which the government achieves an approval rating of less than 50% are those needing immediate and dedicated attention; orange light areas, in which the government achieves and approval rating of 50%-74% are those needing urgent attention and green light areas in which the government achieves an approval rating of 75% and above, needing maintenance.

[2] In each case the balance indicated that they did not have an opinion, or were uncertain about this issue.

Jeep Team’s Michael Lord Claims Xterra Lite Victory


Jeep Team’s multisport star, Michael Lord, was in a league of his own at Saturday’s Totalsports Xterra Grabouw Lite, claiming podium in the men’s race in 1h13m54s, ahead of Jean-Paul Burger (second) and Michael Ferreira (third). Lord then competed in the full distance event on Sunday, finishing 1st in age category (20 – 24 male) and an impressive 14th overall (Men) in 2h51m48s.

Over 1200 athletes competed in the Xterra Lite event that included a 400m swim, 12.5km mountain bike and 6km trail run at the Grabouw Country Club, Western Cape, while on Sunday, nearly 400 multisport warriors took on the full distance race (1.5km swim, 28km MTB and 12.5km trail run).

Said Lord after winning, “Out of all the triathlons that I’ve taken part in over the past eleven years, the Totalsports Xterra Grabouw Lite is the best. This is the best route and the best organised triathlon by far, definitely my favourite race of all time. I swam with Michael Ferreira and Ruan Van Zyl. On the bike I went out super hard on the first climb, from there onwards I was pretty much alone for the rest of the race. The run route is amazing. I was just smiling the whole race.”

Michael Lord_Xterra Lite

Other Jeep Team results…


Power couple Hank and Pippa McGregor dominated the 2015 Dusi Canoe Marathon Mixed Doubles race from start to finish, arriving effortlessly as the first boat home in category (and an impressive 25th overall) at Blue Lagoon in Durban on Saturday in a total 3-day time of 9h36.46s.

The McGregors’ Dusi domination saw them break the Mixed Doubles record by four minutes, ahead of strong competition that included one of South Africa’s top women’s paddlers, Abby Adie, who competed with her father, Graham. The McGregors were also the second K2 home, behind Craig Turton and Clint Pretorius (8h58m24s).

In a prelude to the 2015 Dusi, McGregor took his third successive win in the Varsity College FNB Marine Surfski Series on Tuesday, 17 February, ahead of fierce competition that included five-time World Surfski Series champion Dawid Mocké.

The result sees McGregor in a strong first overall position heading into Race#8 of the 10-race series, which takes place on Friday, 27 February, in Durban.


Jeep Team’s MTB ultra-marathon cyclists, Thinus Redelinghuys and Pierre Smith, finished 18th and 20th respectively in the gruelling 115-km Ashburton Investments National MTB Series: Race#2.

The event, which doubled as a UCI race, attracted some of the best MTB cyclists in the world and took place in the ‘Mecca’ of mountain biking – Sabie, Mpumalanga, with Max Knox (Biogen-Volcan) claiming podium in 5h11m19s, followed by Waylon Woolcock (5h15m42s) and former Jeep Team athlete, Matthew Beers, in third (5h18m45s).

An action-packed weekend for MTB athlete Dylan Rebello saw him place 6th overall at the Western Cape XCO Provincial Championships on Saturday, and then second in category (Mixed Team) in the Totalsports Xterra Grabouw full distance event alongside team mate, Megan Leslie.

In BMX, Alex Dolman finished 6th in the Elite Men’s race at Round 1 of the Gauteng Provincial BMX Series – an outstanding result for the young BMX star-in-the-making who only turns 15 in May!

Jeep Team’s Kyle Dodd competed in his first race in the United States – Round 1 of the BMX Winter Nationals. The 2016 Rio Olympic hopeful, who is currently competing in the US to gain international experience and points, was unable to reach the finals, but considered his first US event “excellent preparation” for his next pro race in South Carolina from 20 - 22 March.


On Saturday, Jeep Team’s Jay Jay Deysel competed in the 12.5km Puma Trail Run, which formed part of the Xterra Grabouw events in the Western Cape. Deysel, who described the event as the “best and most beautiful trail run he’s ever done”, did well to finish 13th overall in 58m24s, against a strong field that included South African ultra-trail champion AJ Calitz, who claimed the victory in 47m39s.

On Sunday, Thomas van Tonder placed eighth in the demanding Hedianga Beast 15km Trail Run, in Gauteng. He commented after the race that it is called ‘the Beast’ for good reason and was pleased to finish in a time of 1h23m.

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Why should I consider to quit smoking? ER24 provides a few answers


Did you know tobacco smoke contains over 4500 chemicals, 200 of which are known poisons and 50 of which cause cancer?

This was stated by Doctor Yussuf Saloojee, the executive director of the National Council Against Smoking.

With March being Health Awareness Month, ER24 is urging people to stop smoking and to seek assistance should they be encountering difficulties quitting on their own.

Chemicals ingested by smokers include arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, nicotine, radioactive substances and tar. So what do people risk every time they smoke?

Doctor Vernon Wessels, from ER24, said smoking can cause anything from chronic bronchitis, emphysema and cancer of the lips, tongue, larynx, lungs and stomach. “In addition, it affects circulation by narrowing the smaller arteries which eventually leads to vascular compromise.

“Smoking has significant impact on a person's health and many of these effects only manifest later in life. Smoking also affects non-smokers and the unborn foetus in the case of pregnant women. Besides the health effects, smoking is expensive,” said Dr Wessels.

Dr Saloojee said tobacco use causes or aggravates about 43 different diseases, including 17 types of cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and lung diseases.

“Smoking does not cause TB, but people with TB are at greater risk of death if they smoke. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of a stillbirth and miscarriage. Babies are more likely to be born underweight and die before their first birthday. Smokers die on average about eight to 10 years prematurely. Between a quarter to a half of all smokers will be killed by their addiction,” he said.


Dr Saloojee added that tobacco use in South Africa has declined dramatically in recent years. “In 1994 about 32 percent of adults smoked cigarettes. By 2012 this dropped to about 16 percent.

“Between 1999 and 2011 the prevalence of smoking among young people fell by over a quarter - from 23% in 1999 to 16.9% in 2011,” said Dr Saloojee.

According to him, the decline in tobacco use is largely due to the ban on tobacco advertising, successful government policies, smoke-free public areas, health warnings on tobacco products and the increase in taxes on tobacco. He added however, that more girls are beginning to experiment with tobacco.

“Making cigarettes less affordable, less available and socially unacceptable is the key to reducing tobacco use among youth,” he said.

Hubbly Bubbly

If you thought a Hubbly Bubbly is a better option, think again. According to Dr Saloojee, Hubbly Bubbly’s can cause cancer and heart disease just like cigarettes.

“Sharing a water pipe also increases the risk of TB and herpes infections. All of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke are also found in hookah pipe smoke,” he said.


According to Dr Saloojee, belief that quitting is a tortured, impossible process is a myth. “The reality is that most ex-smokers say quitting was not as difficult as they thought it would be. Once they made a commitment to stop, they could do it,” he said.

He said it is also a myth to believe that it is too late to quit.

“It is never too late and never too early to quit. Smokers of all ages benefit from quitting. Soon after quitting, breathing improves, the smoker's cough disappears and the risk of serious disease starts to fall.

“Even smokers who have already got a disease can benefit from quitting. Stopping smoking is the single best thing a smoker can do for their health,” said Dr Saloojee.

Get free help and advice by calling the Quit Line on 011 720-3145.

ER24’s Emergency Contact Centre can be reached 24 hours a day on 084 124 for any medical emergency.


Chitra Bodasing

ER24 spokesperson


MiWay expands into the business market: Business insurance your way!

Photo by Gerhard Steenkamp

Photo by Gerhard Steenkamp

South Africa’s insurance innovator MiWay is extending its offering into the South African business market with a unique spectrum of business cover solutions.  MiWay Business Insurance will not only offer business owners cover for their business vehicles, trailers and the goods they carry, but will also allow them the freedom to choose the type of cover they need.

“One of the major points of difference for MiWay Business Insurance lies in the simplicity of our products and the flexibility we give to our business clients” explains Jason Mellow, Head of Alternative Distribution at MiWay.

Mellow points out that business insurance has, to date, been characterised by opaque wording and difficult-to-understand terminology. “When designing our product, we took time to look at it from the client’s perspective and create solutions which are easy to understand and policies that customers can manage themselves, without being insurance experts.”

Some of the unique elements in the product offering includes the flexibility to choose between vehicle hire or a loss of use cash payment while a vehicle is being repaired; clients can also determine their own cover limit for roadside assistance; the number of drivers per vehicle and even choose a flat excess.

“We want to make sure South African business owners can focus on what’s most important – running their organisations successfully.  This is why we’ve opted to service them through in-person meetings with our sales team or via our call centre – should this be their preference,” Mellow concludes.

MiWay Business Insurance includes MiRewards, the unique loyalty scheme that rewards clients regardless of whether or not a claim is made.

MiWay Business Insurance offers:

  • Insurance for all business vehicles and trailers
  • Insurance for all business Goods in Transit.

Several new and innovative products aimed primarily at small to medium sized business entities are scheduled to be introduced to the market during the course of 2015.

Quotes can be obtained by calling MiWay’s Contact Centre on 0860 64 64 64 or by sending an email to

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

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Toyota celebrates Top Performing Dealers

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Toyota Dealer

Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach is the 2014 Toyota Dealer of the Year

Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach was recognised for their exceptional performance in 2014 and awarded the 2014 Toyota Dealer of the Year. This marks a first for this dealership and for the Halfway group.

"This award to Brian Jones and his team at Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach is richly deserved. Their consistent performance over the years has finally edged this dealership to the ultimate prize in the Toyota stable," said Calvyn Hamman, Toyota South Africa Motors Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

"Leading from the front, Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach continuously exceeds customer expectations and has achieved exceptional results in all the development programmes ensuring that it is a beacon of service excellence in the Toyota dealer family and also in their region of operation," said Hamman, adding that the Toyota Dealer Awards are always hotly contested and the competition is fierce.

Awarded annually, the Toyota Dealer Awards are based on a comprehensive set of metrics on which each dealer is measured throughout the preceding year. These measurements include customer service, environmental protection, financial performance and vehicle sales.

In selecting the 2014 Toyota Dealer of the Year, Toyota identified the best performing dealership in the small, medium, large and mega categories. Brian Jones and Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach were recognised in the Large category and received the overall award; while Calvin Parry of Algoa Toyota Uitenhage, Danny Govender of Thekwini Toyota Durban and Johann Folscher of Barloworld Toyota Centurion were awarded for their outstanding achievements in the small, medium and mega categories respectively.

Toyota recognised several dealers and dealer groups during its award ceremonies which concluded last week; including the coveted Chairman's Achievement Award. Awarded at the discretion of Dr Johan van Zyl, the President and CEO of Toyota South Africa Motors and Managing Officer, for exceptional service to the Toyota brand, Marius de Bruin of The Barloworld Motor Retail Group took the honours.

Following the special Chairman's Award, Toyota celebrated the dealership with the best environmental initiatives. For innovative environmental projects - both in the dealership environment and in the surrounding community - and for keeping true to the global Toyota Earth Charter, Toyota recognised Charl Venter from Werda Toyota for his hard work.

Apart from the Chairman's and Environmental Awards, Toyota also singled out the dealer with the highest level of customer service. For an exceptional customer experience score for the past year, Toyota recognised Martinus Rossouw of Status Toyota, Cradock.

In a related category Toyota recognised its best performing monitor service dealer. Toyota's monitor service dealers act as specialist resolution dealers for complex problems or problems that do not have an apparent solution. Anthony Baraball of Mortimer Toyota Newcastle received the Monitor Dealer of the Year award.

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) also recognised the best performing Toyota dealer and this year Martin Klopper of Halfway Toyota Fourways received the Toyota Financial Services CEO award for the second consecutive year.

Other awards - Vice President's Awards

The Toyota Vice President's Awards recognise the best overall achievements in various functional categories, including vehicle sales, vehicle marketing, parts and servicing. Toyota recognised the following dealers for their outstanding achievements:

  • Vice  President's Award: Vehicle Marketing - Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach  (Brian Jones)
  • Vice President's Award: Customer Service - Carnival Toyota (Nic Muller)
  • Vice President's Award: Automark - Barloworld Centurion (Johann Folscher)
  • Vice President's Award: Combined Customer Experience:
    • Mega:           Hillcrest Toyota (Warren Demmer)
    • Large:           Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach (Brian Jones)
    • Medium:        Humansdorp Toyota (Johan Brits)
    • Small:           Status Toyota Cradock (Martinus Rossouw)

Toyota South Africa Motors also recognised the most proficient Divisional Group Managing Director and Group Managing Director of Dealer Groups in the Toyota network. Jimmy Loubser of the Locross Toyota Group was recognised in the Divisional category, while Andrew Miller received the Group Managing Director of the Year award.

Additional Info:

Toyota South Africa Motors has the largest network of dealers in Southern Africa, with 190 dedicated Toyota dealers serving customers in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland.

  • Wouter Nel, the Dealer Principal of Hino Parow, was recognised as the Hino Dealer of the Year for 2014.
  • Leon Brand, the Dealer Principal of Lexus Midrand received the award for the Lexus Dealer of the Year for 2014.

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Lexus: The Power of Design

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Lexus 2

Last year Lexus unveiled the LF-NX, a distinctive, compact crossover concept car that hinted at the brand's potential drive into the crossover SUV market. Its profile was aggressive. Its motifs were bold and muscular. But it was also refined and athletic. One designer referred to it as "a lightweight fighter" - the kind of vehicle that combines strength and power with agility and finesse.

Concept cars are often one-off affairs. They're experimental and progressive, indicative of a marque's technical prowess. Few conceptual design elements ever make it onto a vehicle produced for the mass market. But the Lexus NX, the LF-NX's production-ready successor, is different. Admittedly, it has a more measured look than its predecessor and its innovative LED headlights and mirrors have been enlarged for practical reasons. But otherwise, the evolution has been linear and smooth. Sophistication has been retained, as have many of the SUV's original design traits: the sculpted front end with prominent spindle grille, the bulging rear fenders, those powerfully protruding wheel flares, that impressive body rigidity.

A roofline peak towards the back of the vehicle provides ample headroom and accentuates the side profile, creating a tight silhouette. Brazen, flared wheel arches house 17- or 18-inch wheels (model dependant) that set the vehicle in a crouching, muscular stance. The rear is punctuated by Lexus' signature 'L' shape combination lamps, each with seamless LED lighting, while the bodywork echoes the spindle grille design at the front.

An innovative outer mirror and world-first door handle mechanism (with hidden key barrel and integrated lighting) add to the luxury appearance.

The interior of the NX directly evokes the premium, urban feel of the vehicle, combining the structural beauty of a high-performance machine with a material feel that maximises luxury and functionality.

A sliver of silver 'beading' is strongly embedded in the instrument panel, symbolising the strength of the vehicle, and knee pads located on both sides of the frame firmly support the driver and passenger.

Cabin design prioritises seating and interior space. The quilted pattern of the seats and varied pad thickness express the crossover intention of the vehicle. The NX offers best-in-class luggage load length and rear seat leg space thanks to the flat floor.

NX 200t

The new Lexus 2.0-liter turbo engine, the brand's first turbo petrol engine, was tested over one million kilometres of various, often harsh road conditions and environments. With getting too technical, the 175 kW direct-injection turbo engine features the world-first combination of a cylinder head with an integrated water-cooled exhaust manifold and a twin scroll turbo charger. A new 6-speed automatic transmission has been adopted to match the new turbo engine. It features new torque-demand control logic, which calculates required engine torque to maximise the exhilaration of quick acceleration response and fuel efficiency. It pulls off the obligatory 0-100km/h dash in 7,1 seconds.

Newly developed shock absorbers, capable of controlling even the smallest micro-level fluctuations, contributes to excellent handling stability and ride comfort. Additionally, the F-Sport features a new Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), capable of variable control in 30 stages.

The NX employs specialised Lexus manufacturing techniques such as body adhesives and laser-screw welding to improve the rigidity of the suspension system as well as the body, enhancing overall driving performance.

In addition to the turbocharged NX 200t, Lexus has also released the NX 300h, a hybrid that comes with a damping-control system engineered to increase ride comfort.

An array of innovative on-board technology complements the vehicle. Just two examples are the new Lexus Remote Touch Interface with a touch pad (EX and F-Sport)  as well as the comprehensive Multi-information Display.  Other niceties include a tyre pressure monitoring system, a full suite of safety kit comprising eight airbags, reverse monitor (EX and F-Sport), sunroof (F-Sport) as well as gizmos such as a G sensor and boost meter (F-Sport).

The NX F-Sport version provides a more aggressive and sportier design. F-Sport exclusive items include a mesh spindle grille, new front lower bumper, turbine-inspired, 'burnt' metallic alloy wheels, glossy black outer mirrors, exclusive interior color options (Dark Rose), ornament panel and sport seats.

Prices range from R539 900 for the NX 200t E going up to R659 900 for the F-Sport. The NX comes with a four-year / 100 000 km service plan (tailored to suit each model).

For more images please go to the Lexus NX releases issued on the 15th February 2015 (there are also exclusive Merwelene van de Merwe art pics of the new NX).

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