City of Cape Town Safety and Security staff honoured at Awards Ceremony

: L – R: Willie Pannel, Heather Tager, Law Enforcement Officer Masibulele Diko, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith. Photo: Marcelle Richards

: L – R: Willie Pannel, Heather Tager, Law Enforcement Officer Masibulele Diko, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith. Photo: Marcelle Richards

City of Cape Town Safety and Security staff members who have gone far beyond the call of duty were celebrated at the Directorate’s Annual Awards Ceremony held last night.

Zip Zap Circus School hosted the event and kept the officials entertained with high energy gravity juggling, comedy acrobatics and performances on the trapeze, the cyr wheel (right image) and the scarf act.

The most prestigious award of the evening; the Directorate Officer of the Year was awarded to Law Enforcement Officer Masibulele Diko for rescuing four bathers from drowning at Monwabisi Beach on 27 October 2015.

Imperial Group partnering with GSK to drive the growth of its South African brands


Leading global consumer healthcare group GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has awarded a three-year contract for sales, merchandising and brand consulting services to Imperial Retail Solutions.

This major national contract, which was won on tender, will see the Imperial Group partnering with GSK to drive the growth of its South African brands, particularly in the oral care sector. A dual model, tailor made for GSK by Imperial, includes syndicated and semi-dedicated service components and also targets the wholesale, franchise and pharmacy channels, reveals Imperial Retail Solutions managing director Jonathan Hartley.

The company’s solid experience in the retail and pharmacy channels will be brought to bear in this contract. “To ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations, we have added significantly to our team of people, and have also realigned our focus on the wholesale and franchise side of the business,” he states.

Hartley outlines the Imperial differentiators that contributed to this contract win: “GSK understands the competitive edge to be gained through the unrivalled Imperial value proposition of ‘get me there, sell my product, build my brand’, which offers clients the opportunity to partner with Imperial for a seamless, end-to-end solution that can take products from their original source right into the hands of the consumer. Our reputation for building strong, open partnerships with our clients, as well as our transparency in breaking down the cost drivers in GSK’s sales and merchandising service, were further factors that helped us to secure this exciting new business.”

Imperial Retail Solutions’ unparalleled brand consulting division also forms a critical part of the brand building “mix” that the company has tailored for GSK to grow its business, its bottom line and the market share of consumer healthcare brands like Aquafresh, Sensodyne, from toothpaste to toothbrushes with all GSK’s new innovation, Hartley states. “We will be rolling out an innovative new brand consulting model to reinforce GSK’s marketing drive in the oral care sector.”

The company will also leverage its point of sale (POS) capabilities. “To support GSK, we have expanded our POS teams in all regions. We are committed to ensuring that POS material is always up when promotions break, and to ensuring that our client’s return on investment is maximised on particular compliance projects.”

GSK will reap the benefits of Imperial’s recent investment in a new state-of-the-art mobile solution. Hartley elaborates: “Our complete sales team has gone onto a mobile technology platform in the form of SAP-enabled ‘Cloud for Customer’. This gives us the ability to communicate almost instantaneously on projects and initiatives at store level. It enables us to give feedback to brand owners and the trade at a faster rate than ever before. Having this live information at our fingertips is a real point of difference for Imperial Retail Solutions and our clients,” he concludes.

With a global annual turnover in excess of R98 billion, GSK is a world leader in consumer healthcare. Its portfolio of global brands includes Aquafresh, Sensodyne, Panadol and Lucozade, as well as local South African brands such as Grand-pa, Eno and Med-Lemon. “We strategically partner with suppliers that will ensure our success and add value to our brands,” comments GSK sales director Francois Jurgens.

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Benoni house robbers arrested within minutes through effective combined enforcement activities


The SAPS, EMPD and Community Policing members joined efforts and succeeded in arresting 2 suspected house robbers within minutes after the crime.

Intelligence Bureau

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McGregor Slays the Hong Kong Dragon

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South Africa’s Hank McGregor(Jeep Team) edged out fellow countryman and defending champion, Sean Rice, to claim the 2015 Hong Kong Dragon Run title on Saturday, 21 November 2015. This is the second time McGregor has won the Dragon Run.

McGregor, who first won the race in 2013, crossed the line in 1:32:20, a mere 40 seconds ahead of defending champion, Sean Rice, who completed the race in 1:33:00. Hungary’s marathon kayak world champion,and debuting in his first ocean race, Adrian Boros, finished 3rd in 1:46:46, followed by South Africa’s Clinton Cook in 4th (1:49:14) and Hong Kong’s Andrew Watts in 5th (1:49:18).

South African Nicole Russell, who also won the Women’s race in 2014, successfully defended her title winning nearly 16 minutes ahead of her closest female competitor, and finished in anoutstanding6thplace overall in 1:54:37.

Altogether, five South Africans finished in the top 10, with Craig Nortje rounding off the South African domination of the Dragon Run in 9th overall (1:56:05).

The Dragon Run forms part of the Surfski World Series, attracting a top-class field of paddlers. The 24km course was designed to use the north easterly winter monsoon, and on the Saturday, presented competitors with the biggest downwind conditions in this race’s history.

Said McGregor, “Every ocean paddler dreams of a race like this – big, burly waves and world-class downwind conditions. I’ve had an incredible trip here this year, especially having my wife, Pippa, join me. To top it off with a win in this intriguing race with its islands, cliff faces, fishing boats and massive ships, and of course the Chinese culture, which is just incredible.”


  1. Hank McGregor (South Africa) - 1:32:20
  2. Sean Rice (South Africa) - 1:33
  3. Adrian Boros (Hungary) - 1:46:46
  4. Clinton Cook(South Africa) - 1:49:14
  5. Andrew Watts (Hong Kong) - 1:49:18
  6. Nicole Russell(South Africa) - 1:54:37. 2015 women’s winner.
  7. Rob Wall (Hong Kong) - 1:54:58
  8. Scott Deveril (Australia) - 1:55:23
  9. Craig Nortje(South Africa) - 1:56:05
  10. Jake Hamstra (Hong Kong) - 1:58:24

Other Jeep Team results…


Race#8 and the grand finale of the 2015 Jeep Warrior series took place from 19 – 20 November at the Legend MX Rhino Park near Pretoria, Gauteng.

Jeep Team’s OCR champions, Thomas van Tonder and Dominique D'Oliveira, both claimed 2ndplace in the Black Ops Elite Men’s and Women’s races respectively. Claude Eksteen won the men’s event, with Michael Joubert 3rd. Hanneke Dannhauser claimed the women’s victory, with Jetaime Ribbink in 3rd.

ER24 receives ROCCI and ACSA Feather awards

ER24 Joburg West

ER24 is proud to announce that staff was recently commended at two prestigious events for the services they render.

Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Rocci), in conjunction with FNB, held its Annual Business of the Year Awards on 7 November.

The purpose of the awards is to commend businesses that add great value to the economy and accomplish success.

The ER24 Joburg West branch walked away with the silver award in the healthcare category.

Hentie Malan, the ER24 Joburg West branch manager, said, “We are pleased that we were nominated for such an award. We are proud to have taken the silver award. We are also proud to be part of such a wonderful team. I think the great interaction we have with the West Rand community and the great service we deliver to them led to the branch winning the award. We also have a great relationship with all the community police forums and security companies in the West Rand.”

This is not the first time that ER24 has taken to the stage at the Rocci awards. ER24 Joburg West was awarded in 2013 for service excellence.

ER24 Kimberley was handed a service excellence award at the Acsa Feather Awards for Kimberley International Airport recently. At the back are Renier van Rooyen and Sekese Ramochela. In front is Kelvin Naidoo.

ER24 Kimberley was handed a service excellence award at the Acsa Feather Awards for Kimberley International Airport recently. At the back are Renier van Rooyen and Sekese Ramochela. In front is Kelvin Naidoo.

Acsa Feather Awards

The annual Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) Feather Awards provides South African airports with an opportunity to recognise top performing airport members or service providers for outstanding service provided during the year.

ER24 Kimberley was handed a service excellence award at the Acsa Feather Awards for Kimberley International Airport on 12 November.

André Joemat, from ER24 Kimberley, who attended the awards function, said that the branch is proud to have been handed a service excellence award.

“It feels great to have received the award. We worked hard and appreciate the recognition. Thank you to Acsa and Kimberley International Airport for the recognition,” he said.

iCaptcha presents a unique way to bridge the language gap



In a multi-faceted country such as South Africa, language is still is a major barrier for deeper integration. Whilst our 11 official languages make us beautifully diverse, the majority of South Africans are still unable to speak more than one or two.

It’s estimated that it takes the average person 10 seconds to complete a ‘CAPTCHA’ and that worldwide, each day, 200 million CAPTCHAs are typed.  A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a challenge-response test to determine whether or not a user is human.

With the great volume of CAPTCHAs typed each day, NATIVE VML saw an opportunity to put CAPTCHA to better use and transform it to a teaching platform that incorporates South Africa’s 11 official languages. Partnering with Bilingo, a free multilingual online dictionary, NATIVE VML created iCAPTCHA: a simple teaching solution combining the power of CAPTCHA and Bilingo.

iCAPTCHA makes learning a new word quick and easy: see the word, hear it, and type it back. And if people want to learn more, or know a word already, they can simply try another one. The core purpose of this new development is to begin to teach people in a way that is familiar and does not overwhelm them.

The software is open-source and is easy to install. Site developers can go to the iCAPTCHA site to learn how.

And those without their own websites can share it, ensuring that iCAPTCHA becomes the number one CAPTCHA service in South Africa – bridging the gap between South Africans, one word at a time.

Standard Insurance Limited increases efforts to process storm damage claims

rain storms bloemJohannesburg, 19 November 2015 - The storms and hail that have swept across Gauteng leaving a swathe of destruction in their wake since Monday has seen Standard Insurance Limited registering nearly 1 500 claims for damage to cars, buildings and homes.

Johan van Greuning, Head of Standard Insurance Limited at Standard Bank SA said that as soon as the South African Weather Service reports regarding severe storms began coming in, prior to any actual damage reports, the bank activated its plans to ensure that clients in need could lodge claims as conveniently as possible.

“In order to assist clients, we have extended our call centre daily operating hours until 20:00 so that claims can be registered after hours. For customers who prefer to lodge claims electronically, our online site or mobile and tablet app can be accessed 24-hours a day.”

The storms, which according to numerous reports are set to continue, have caused widespread damage to personal property and claims lodged include smashed windows, damaged roofs and ceilings, as well as damage to furniture and fittings within homes due to leaking ceilings. A large number of claims have also been submitted by motorists caught in the open by the storms.

“We are committed to assisting our clients in any way we can and advise those who have not registered their storm damage claims, to do so timeously. For those who are lucky enough not to have had any damage, we urge them to remain cautious in the coming days and weeks”, continues Mr van Greuning.

Mr van Greuning notes that many insurance companies issue SMS or electronic warnings to clients about potential storms and hail. “These notifications should be taken seriously and steps should be taken to secure homes and park cars under cover.”

hail 1Additional steps that the public can take to avoid damage to homes and property when storms strike include:

  • Make sure computers, TV’s, decoders and other equipment is disconnected from wall sockets to avoid damage caused by electricity surges caused by lightning strikes.
  • Check that roofs do not have broken or loose tiles that allow the entry of water during heavy downpours.
  • Ensure that roof gutters are clean and unclogged, so that water does not accumulate and seep through roof tiles onto ceilings.
  • Keeping house windows shut, so reducing the chance of them being hit by hail or shattered by high winds.

“For motorists who are caught unawares whilst driving, we advocate a number of cautionary steps,” says Mr van Greuning.  These include:

  • Be proactive and ensure that windscreen wipers are always in good condition so that they can cope with sudden downpours.
  • Turn headlights on so that you can be seen by other vehicles.
  • Reduce speed to match the road conditions.
  • If you can, pull off the road safely and activate your car’s hazard lights as a warning to other motorists.
  • Never get out of your vehicle, because of possible injury from hailstones.
  • Do not attempt to drive through water washing across the road. Your car could stall in the water and it requires only about 15cm of rapidly moving water to wash a car away.

“Customers with claims arising from this week’s storms should submit their claims as soon as they can.  We are working to ensure that all claims are processed as quickly as possible; where required assessors will be sent out to inspect damage and assist with facilitating repairs,” Mr van Greuning.

Claims can be registered by contacting Standard Insurance Limited telephonically on 0860 123 444 for structural or building claims, or on 0860 109 459 for vehicle claims, or logging into the Standard Bank mobile or tablet app.

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Get high-end surveillance technology without the crippling costs of installation or troubleshooting

F34Many of us would like a surveillance system through which to keep an eye on our homes and businesses. The problem is that they are either prohibitively expensive or come with hidden costs. As Axis Communications’ Sales Manager, Jason McGregor explains, the purchase and installation price tag is not the whole picture:

“Technician callout is the real hidden cost. Many people buy a surveillance system, but often end up with something that doesn’t work too well or at all, despite to endless troubleshooting that can go nowhere.”

Even if you get an expensive system, does it do all you need? Will it have enough space to store the video and can you access it on your phone or PC? These are features usually reserved for high-end surveillance systems that only those with really deep pockets can afford and maintain. But the march of technology has open the way for a surveillance revolution, namely Axis Communications’ F34 system aka. Surveillance In A Box.

Modern technology has made it feasible to design a surveillance system that is intelligent, connected and easy to install, all at a great price. By harnessing online services, machine intelligence and flash memory, Surveillance In A Box is an intuitive, transparent, affordable and non-technical surveillance offering that has been stress-tested with non-technical professionals.

The name says it all: Surveillance In A Box contains a selection of discreet camera mounts that can be placed on the ceiling or even inside certain light mountings. These are home to four removable camera heads that record in full colour HD, allowing for different configurations as they are called for. The cameras in turn connect to a central box - this box is linked to the home or business internet connection.

That allows the system to do several things, such as project the various cameras to the Axis Camera Companion, an app for your phone or tablet. A web portal also lets you keep an eye through any PC. Archive footage is kept on high quality flash memory SD cards housed in the box: the same cards as you would use in a digital camera, these are easy to maintain and swap. By using Axis’ Zipstream technology, the video feeds consume minimal amounts of data without sacrificing clarity or performance.

Surveillance In A Box works out of the box. The central control hub will sniff out your internet connection, even if you change your login details or replace your internet router completely. It works comfortably with a range of internet connection technologies, including ADSL and 3G.

Such versatility and ease broadens its scope beyond keeping an eye out for intruders. Alves admits he uses one of the cameras to check what his young kids may be watching on TV. Surveillance can also add to business intelligence: if you ever wondered what your employees get up to when you are not around, Surveillance In A Box gives easy access as long as you have a data connection, while its modular design lets you add cameras if you need more coverage. It also meets insurance requirements.

“Surveillance In A Box was designed to have a small footprint, consume little power and yet still make sense to whoever installs it. This would not have been possible five years ago, but with the combination of the internet, intelligent devices, good design thinking and Axis’ online services we believe we have created a surveillance revolution.”

Not only a revolution, but a very affordable one for a system that lets its owner take full charge. No more callout fees. No more painful troubleshooting. No more big bills and broken promises. Just a camera system that tells you what you need to know, no matter where you are. It’s a promise that Axis Communications underpins with free support and a 3 year warranty.

It’s such a good deal you may want one to put in your lounge and sneak a peek at the game while you are at work…

  • A modular, easy to install system.
  • Designed in Sweden, tested in South Africa.
  • Free support and a 3 year warranty.
  • No technical knowledge required: simply mount the cameras and connect the cables to the control box.
  • Comes with four detachable camera heads.
  • Records in full colour HD, including 720p and 1080p.
  • Comes with eight camera mounts in two forms: a ceiling-mounted dome a discreet mount for light recesses.
  • The system draws power over its cables - there is no need to lay extra power cables or rely on batteries.
  • The control box automatically sniffs out your internet details and connects to Axis Communications’ secure servers.
  • Video footage is stored on high quality 64GB Sandisk SD flash cards.
  • Remotely monitor the cameras over a smart device with the Axis Camera Companion app.
  • Access video feeds on any PC through the web portal.
  • Create access rights for others, such as family or business partners.

Don’t let hail rain on your parade this summer

Hail size of golf balls

With the Highveld hail season in full swing, you can minimise the impact that even the worst of storms can have on your property by just doing a little preparation. By choosing an insurance policy which doesn’t just remedy any hail damage, but actively seeks to help reduce your chance of getting caught in a deluge of ice, you can get through the season trouble-free.

Just how big a problem is hail for Gautengers and their insurance companies? It’s massive; the particularly bad hail season in 2013 is estimated to have caused damage which resulted in insurance payouts of over R2-billion, according to PwC. And this meant individual policyholders had to deal with the inconvenience of filing claims, long queuing processes with a backlog of claims being filed and getting repairs made to vehicles and property as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.

However, prevention is better than cure where hail is concerned. It saves you time and hassle. But how can you prevent an act of nature?

The thing with hail storms is that they can be anticipated. The missing link between knowing that a hail storm is approaching and getting out of its way is communication – what if someone sent you a text message ahead of time, so you could get your cars under cover before the bad weather arrives?

That’s exactly what MiWay has done, sending you a forewarning about impending hailstorms and encouraging you to get your vehicles into the garage, under the carport or anywhere out of the downpour.

Even if you have been caught by a hailstorm, lodging a claim for hail damage is made as fast and simple as possible (at a time when claims can be as severe as the weather that brought the hail in the first place).  The warning SMS includes a hyperlink, making it easier to register a claim after the storm by skipping the call centre queues. And if the warning SMS didn’t go out in time, MiWay sends an SMS to clients in areas that we know were affected; offering them a link to lodge their claim online rather than contacting the call centre.

In addition to the SMS hyperlink, MiWay offers other convenient methods of lodging a claim, providing you with the flexibility to choose the option which best works for you. These options include using MiWay’s self-service portal, MiXpress at; the MiWay Mobile App which is available for download from app stores and the telephone by dialing 0860 64 64 64.

By utilising available technology, the hail season can be a lot less of a worry than ever before. While prevention remains the better option, the hail needn’t rain on your parade with rapid, personalised claims processing.

Visit for more information or an obligation free quote for car or home insurance.

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MiWay innovates in speeding up hail claims


MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970).

NOTES TO EDITORS: MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct short-term insurer and a financial services company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household, homeowners, business insurance as well as liability cover. MiWay is wholly owned by Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

Hank McGregor Named KZN Sportsman of the Year


South Africa’s canoe king, Hank McGregor (Jeep Team), was named KwaZulu-Natal Sportsman of the Year at the 2015 KwaZulu-Natal Sports Awards ceremony in Durban on Saturday, 14 November.

Award winners were decided by a panel of KZN sports experts based on their achievements over the last 12 months. Judges included Bongani Yengwa (SABC Sports Analyst and Sports Management lecturer at the Durban University of Technology), Zwelakhe Ngcobo (Isolezwe Weekend Sports Editor), Vicky Masuku (UKhozifm Sports Broadcaster) and Tommy Ballantyne (freelance journalist).

McGregor pipped two other finalists of the Sportsman of the Year award; swimmer Chad Le Clos (Olympic Gold medallist, Commonwealth record holder in the 50 and 100-metre butterfly and 2014 award winner) and triathlete Henri Schoeman (ITU World Cup winner and African triathlon champion).

Said McGregor,“I am absolutely stoked to win this award against such a class of athletes. Le Clos and Schoeman are ferocious sportsmen at the top of their game in highly competitive sports. Congratulations to them for their massive achievements. They make this award all the more serious to win.”

McGregor has proved unstoppable over the last 12 months, winning numerous international and national titles across different paddling disciplines, including surfski, flat water and river canoe marathon, and canoe sprints. His achievements include claiming his sixth World title at the 2015 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships in Hungary, winning the Maui Jim Molokai World Surfski Challenge in Hawaii, and successfully defending his K2 national title at the South African Flatwater Canoe Marathon Championships.

In July, McGregor became the first person in history to win the tough 240km Berg River Canoe Marathon for a record tenth time. He is also the current holder of the World Paddle Awards’ ‘Sportsman of the Year’ Award.

On Saturday, he added to this glowing list of achievements by winning Race#5 of the 2015 Illovo Suncoast Pirates Wall and Back Surfski Series. Soon after the race, he left for Hong Kong, where he will be competing in the Dragon Run surfski challenge, which takes place on 21 November as part of the World Surfski Series.

Said McGregor, “I’ve got the Dragon Run in Hong Kong next weekend before I come back and race Ozzie Gladwin Canoe Marathon, the 50 Miler Canoe Marathon, South African Surfski Champs and the Cape Point Surfski Challenge in the weeks after that, so I’ve got some pretty big weeks of racing ahead of me!”

Other Jeep Team news


In the Eastern Cape, Jeep Team’s Barry Lewin competed in the Pete Marlin Surfski Race, which forms part of the World Surfski Series. In Saturday’s Singles race, Lewin secured third in a time of 1:16:33, behind DawidMocke (1:15:41) in 1stand Jasper Mocke in 2nd (1:16).

On Sunday, Lewin teamed up with Steve Woods for the Doubles race, with the duo finishing 2nd in 1:16:20. DawidMocke and Tom Schilperoort won the race in 1:15:50, with Jasper Mocke and DominicNotten in 3rd (1:16:52).


On Sunday, Jeep Team’s Dylan Rebellowon the two-day, 120km To Hell and Back MTB stage race, which took place near the small town of Gamkaskloofin the heart of the Swartberg mountain range, Western Cape.

Now in its 21st year, To Hell and Back is known as South Africa’s “original extreme MTB race”, and in 2015presented riders with a challenging route of back-breaking climbs that totalled 3650m.

Rebello proved no match for the competition, winning the 60km stage one in 2:33, over 10 minutes ahead of second-placed Neill Ungerer (2:44). He then went on to win the 60km stage two in 2:32, 17 minutes before Ungerer in 2nd (2:49). Over the two days, Rebello’s overall time amounted to 5:05, compared to Ungerer’s 5:33, with Gerrie Beukes in 3rd (5:36).


At the KwaZulu-Natal Triathlon Awards ceremony in Durban on Saturday evening, Jeep Team’s rising multisport star, Mikaela Jonsson, walked away with two awards – Junior Triathlete of the Year and Junior Duathlete of the Year.

This follows a successful 2014/2015 season for the 2020 Olympic hopeful, who has won numerous events, including the Junior Woman’s Sprint race at the ITU World Triathlon Series, the Junior Women’s Mudman Series title and her third KZN Duathlon Championship title.

Endurance Sports, Driver Fatigue and Road Safety