Casual Day ambassadors on Rolling Inspiration cover

Casual Day is on Friday 5 September 2014

Casual Day ambassadors Khumo Moyane and Bernadette Rigney are on the July/August cover of Rolling Inspiration magazine. The cover is appropriately celebratory and shows of Casual Day’s Bring out the Bling theme.

Casual Day celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Casual Day fans are encourage to put on their dancing shoes and dress up, not down – and to dazzle for disability. Casual Day is on Friday 5 September.

“We have been dressing casually for the past two decades, but this year is a special occasion. So our message to you is to rustle up a little razzle dazzle. Casual Day is all about fantasy and dressing up in things you can find around the house. Be creative with glitter, fabric, shiny paper or just wear your sticker and a posh casual attitude,” says Casual Day project leader Celeste Vinassa.

“This year we have printed 3.5 million stickers and we need everyone’s help to raise donations for these stickers. We don’t just sell stickers on one day, we must start now to make this year a success.”

Casual Day is South Africa’s foremost most fundraising project for persons with disabilities last year raised R24.8 million. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA), which this year celebrates 75 years of service to the community of persons with disabilities.

Casual Day has appointed an awesome group of ambassadors who are campaigning for the rights of all persons with disabilities to be fully included in mainstream society. “They speak from experience and knowledge about disability,” says Casual Day project leader Celeste Vinassa. “It’s called ‘self-advocacy’. They are all people who have overcome great adversity, and are now ready to help Casual Day with its evolution. Casual Day changes lives one R10 sticker at a time. Our ambassadors are there to give society a deeper understanding of the world of disability and how to make the world a more respectful and nurturing place for everybody.”

Bernadette Rigney, Transformation and Disability Awareness Officer, City of Johannesburg, has a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, which affects the joints and limits the range of motion in her hands and legs.

Bernadette is the founder and director of fAbility, a company which shares innovative ideas and technology to assist and improve the lifestyles of persons with physical disabilities. “With all eyes on us, we may as well keep it fabulous!” she says.

One of the first tasks she has chosen is to get all her colleagues and employees of metros all over the country to participate in Casual Day.

She joins the charismatic Khumo Forbes Moyane, who became a Casual Day ambassador last year. He was born with a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile bones. It is also known as “brittle bone disease.” The term literally means “bone that is imperfectly made from the beginning of life.” A person is born with this disorder and is affected throughout his or her life time.

“Casual Day allows me to tap into my inner talent which is to motivate and inspire people and youth. I enjoy what I do because it is about changing people’s life in a very good way,” says Khumo.

All our national beneficiaries are committed to advancing the rights of persons with disabilities – and are representative of a spectrum of conditions and disabilities. They are:

QuadPara Association of South Africa

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

South African National Council for the Blind

South African Federation for Mental Health

Deaf Federation of South Africa

Autism South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa

National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

South African National Deaf Association

National Institute for the Deaf

Alzheimer’s South Africa

South African Disability Alliance

Rolling Inspiration is a lifestyle publication for persons living with mobility impairments and is published under contract for the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) by Word for Word Media cc, an empowered equal opportunity company with national reach based in Gauteng.

It is on the shelves but also available in an online version. To subscribe to Rolling Inspiration go to

Casual Day stickers are available from:
Edgars, Jet, JetMart, Boardmans, CNA, Red Square and Legit;
Absa outlets;
Game and DionWired stores;
Shoprite and Checkers stores.

Participants are encouraged to dedicate the day to Casual Day, devising their own capers, events, functions and missions. Casual Day puts the fun into fundraising.

You can contact the organisers of the project on 011 609 7006 or visit our website at

Keep abreast of activities at Casual Day on our Facebook page at

Twitter: @CasualDay_SA



Lexus Short Films programme gets a helping hand from Hollywood’s finest

Some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and creatives have been revealed as movie mentors who are helping guide the directors contributing to the 2014 Lexus Short Films programme.

The partnership between Lexus and The Weinstein Company this year drew active support from leading figures in the movie community, including Katie Holmes (The Giver, Wonder Boys, Dawson’s Creek), directors Justin Chadwick (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, and the upcoming Tulip fever), Simon Curtis (My Week With Marilyn, upcoming Woman in Gold), Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn’s Finest, Training Day, upcoming Southpaw) and Phillip Noyce (The Giver, The Quiet American).

They have been supporting rising film-makers Jon Goldman and Satsuki Okawa (working with script writer Ken Ochai), in their work to produce short films interpreting Lexus’s Life is Amazing brand theme. The films shot for this year’s programme, Market Hour and Operation Barn Owl, were premiered at the Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo, on 29 May and will be screened in Los Angeles on 30 July and New York on 6 August.

Philip Noyce said: “It’s an honour to have been approached by The Weinstein Company and Lexus International to participate in such an innovative and important programme. What they are doing with the next generation of filmmakers will have a significant impact in the world of cinema. I’m truly excited for audiences to see what these talented young directors are creating.”

The famous mentors will also take part in a series of featurettes about the mentoring process, showing them meeting the film-makers and offering guidance and support. These videos will also explore the art, evolution and importance of the short film medium and the growing global appetite for the format. The featurettes will be released in the lead-up to the films’ theatrical release in Los Angeles and their worldwide on-line release in October.

Both films will play at numerous festivals around the world and will be attached to major Weinstein Company releases such as The Giver. Ahead of their on-line release, more details about their progress and screening schedule can be found at

Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance resolves complaints worth R119m in consumers’ favour during 2013

The Ombudsman for Short-Term insurance resolved claims worth R119m in favour of consumers (2012: R114m) during 2013.

According to the Ombudsman’s latest annual report, 9 368 complaints were received last year, an increase of 245 or 2.7% over 2012. A constant 3 out of 1 000 claims filed with insurers ended up as complaints to the Ombudsman.

The office of the Ombudsman offers a free service to consumers seeking to resolve disputes with insurers. It covers both personal and commercial short-term insurance products, such as motor and household insurance.

Of the total complaints 4 542 (48,5%) involved rejected motor insurance claims, while (1 934) 20,6% related to houseowners’ insurance. Only 5% (468) were commercial.

“The increase in the number of complaints may be because there was an increase in claims registered due to bad weather conditions over the past year and the growing awareness of consumers of their contractual rights,” said Ombudsman, Dennis Jooste. “The effect of the Financial Services Board’s Treating Customers Fairly campaign may also have started to have an effect, with consumers becoming more educated about customer service issues.”

Jooste said thanks to the professional staff at the office and the high level of co-operation from insurers, 87% of cases were resolved within six months in 2013, up from 63% in 2012. The average days taken to resolve a complaint reduced from 183 days in 2012 to 111 days in 2013. The number of matters unresolved after six months as at the end of December 2013 stood at only 72 compared to 1319 in 2011 and 352 in 2012.

With 2014 marking 25 years since the Ombudsman was established, Jooste emphasised how the industry had matured over the past twenty five years, with enhanced powers being vested in the Ombudsman to make rulings.

“Initially insurers were hesitant and undertook only to give ‘serious consideration’ to a recommendation by the Ombudsman,” he added. “Now insurers are contractually bound to honour any rulings made by the Ombudsman. These additional powers have been used responsibly, which shows in the fact that a final ruling has never been ignored by an insurer. Nor has there been an application to court to review a final ruling of an Ombudsman.”

The average turnover rate for the year was 33%, which means only 1 out of 3 complaints made by an insurer was overturned. This is more or less in line with prior years.

Another major development during the year was the introduction of an appeal mechanism. Three eminent retired judges will serve on the appeal tribunal, chaired by former Chief Justice, the Honourable Mr Justice Sandile Ngcobo. Two former judges of the Supreme Court of Appeal, namely Judge P.M. Nienaber and Judge T.D. Cloete will also serve on the panel.

Jooste said discussions with regulators continued around the model of oversight envisaged in the new Financial Sector Regulation Bill which would see the Financial Services Ombud Schemes Council oversee all voluntary Ombud schemes. “There are, however, certain aspects of the bill which remain of concern and these are still being addressed by the Ombudsman in consultation with the National Treasury,” said Jooste. “The bill is far from settled and no doubt there will be further amendments before it is enacted as law.”

He added that it was critical that the confidence of the insurance industry, consumer organisations and the general public be retained. “The benefits that the Ombudsman offers is no longer an issue for debate,” adds Jooste. “When one considers the free services rendered to consumers and the number of cases dealt with by the office, I believe that the facts speak for themselves.”

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JPSA issues demand to SANRAL regarding e-tolls branded vehicles

Justice Project South Africa has noted and welcomes the announcement made by Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters this morning that no e-tolls prosecutions will proceed “whilst SANRAL’s billing systems are sorted out”.  This is a logical step in the right direction and will prevent the creation of the artificial criminals that would have been created by SANRAL if the NPA had proceeded with prosecutions and managed to convict people while the e-tolls review panel does its work.

It is however of major concern that despite the fact that SANRAL has publicly acknowledged that it “has no authority to enforce e-toll laws” SANRAL branded vehicles continue to be present at the roadblocks set up by the Gauteng Department of Community Safety (GDoCS).  According to SANRAL “their personnel are civilians who have no authority to stop any vehicle to enforce e-toll laws” and “e-toll vehicles (fitted with highly technical equipment) to identify registered e-toll users from those who are not.”

The SANRAL e-tolls branded vehicles (midi-buses, trucks and trailers) all bear the five pointed star of the GDoCS Gauteng Traffic Police and in the case of midi-buses and trucks, are fitted with blue flashing light bars and, presumably – sirens.  This in itself is tantamount to impersonation of a traffic officer (vehicle) and since SANRAL has now publicly admitted that it “has no authority to enforce e-toll laws”, all Gauteng Traffic Police branding, warning lamps and sirens MUST be removed from these vehicles forthwith.

In addition, all of the Ford Everest 4X4 vehicles supplied to GDoCS by SANRAL have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment linked to eNaTIS installed in them. It is additionally not a legal requirement for any motor vehicle to have an e-tag and therefore there can be no justifiable reason or need for the SANRAL branded motor vehicles and trailers to be present at these roadblocks since all 49 gantries on the GFIP have electronic equipment to detect e-tags.  It has long been the contention of JPSA that the presence of e-tolls branded vehicles at these roadblocks are nothing more than an intimidation tactic, but it is now crystal clear that the vehicles themselves are operating illegally and in violation of the National Road Traffic Act and Regulations.

In light of these facts JPSA has sent SANRAL and the Minister of Transport a letter demanding that SANRAL immediately cease operating their unlawful vehicles on public roads and refrains from deploying them to any future roadblocks mounted by the Gauteng Traffic Police.

This letter is available for viewing here (481kb).

Howard Dembovsky

National Chairman - Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

Cost control and convenience: Why Direct insurance makes sense for more consumers

As economic pressures rise, people increasingly seek out less costly ways to run their lives. That includes the insurance cover required for cars and other goods, driving the popularity of direct insurance. And, in an increasingly technology-savvy world, customers are realising that cutting out the middlemen means access to the same products, but at a lower cost.

In this environment, those insurers which are able to deliver quality insurance at a low price and with sound customer service, will flourish.

Price and service

Modern consumers want convenience and competitive pricing, so direct insurance makes sense for more people than ever before - especially the ‘internet generation’, which confidently uses online services that don’t necessarily require a personal relationship. That dovetails perfectly with direct insurance solutions.

Strong growth for direct insurance is confirmed by Global Credit Ratings. According to its November 2013 Short-Term Bulletin, direct insurers currently hold a 15% share of the overall market on the back of what it describes as ‘robust growth which continues to outstrip the broader market’. It says the emerging middle class is behind the growth, with young, tech-savvy buyers accustomed to buying products direct from the source to bring down costs.

Together with digital channels, the rise of self-service allows customers to manage their insurance portfolios online, at their leisure. This makes it possible to achieve the balance between low cost (because powerful web-based direct insurance automates many of the tasks and paperwork associated with taking out cover, managing that cover when requirements change, and even claiming) and excellent service.

The rise of the Apps

By extension, mobile apps provide the ability for individuals to access and self-manage their insurance portfolio on a smartphone or tablet, providing further convenience. And if an issue is encountered, there is always the personal touch available, with the insurer’s own contact centre available to help on the phone or via online web chat.

Digital is a growing trend in almost every industry and is likely to continue gaining momentum especially as generational changes take hold in the customer base and more people look to the internet to meet their needs for a range of products and services – including insurance.

MiWay’s early focus on digital channels is reflected in its 2012 introduction of the MiXpress online portal, which allows customers to get quotes, sign up for new insurance policies and update existing policies. It also recently launched the MiWay Mobile app.

People switch insurance for two key reasons: price and customer service. When an insurer can deliver the required solution at a better price and with excellent customer service, why would you go any other way?

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

HAWKS arrest ringleader of a vehicle finance scam for defrauding motor vehicle institutions

A man, who is believed to be a ringleader of a syndicate that specialises in defrauding motor vehicle institutions, appeared in the Johannesburg Commercial Court yesterday, 22 July 2014, for R7, 1 Million fraud.

The Commercial Crime Unit of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (the Hawks) arrested 39-year-old David Monamo while he was appearing in the Johannesburg Commercial Crime Court for a similar case of fraud on Monday, 21 July 2014.

He was appearing in court with his accomplice, 26-year-old Mahlatse Selby Mabokela, from the Alexandra Township. The duo are facing charges for defrauding a vehicle dealership in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, of more than R170 000, 00. Mabokela allegedly submitted fraudulent documents while securing finance for a Toyota Avanza, which was recovered during the investigation. Monamo allegedly prepared the documents.

Little did Monamo know that the Hawks were preparing another case of fraud against him for 43 counts amounting to R7, 1 million? These charges came after several vehicle financing institutions had approached the Hawks for assistance after their forensic investigation departments had identified a syndicate.

One Johannesburg-based bank was defrauded of R7, 1 million in fraudulent purchases of 43 Toyota Avanzas, which were recovered during a joint operation between the Hawks and the defrauded bank.

Monamo's clients operate in the taxi industry in the Alexandra and Benoni areas. Most of them could not qualify for finance, but wanted to use these Toyota Avanzas as taxis. They would pay Monamo a small deposit of R1800, 00 for a new Toyota Avanza. Monamo has been remanded in custody until next week Tuesday, 5 August 2014, for a formal bail application.

"Owners of the Toyota Avanzas, whose purchases were facilitated by David Monamo, are strongly encouraged to contact the Hawks through its national spokesman, Captain Paul Ramaloko, at 079 514 4476/082 770 4902 to verify if their purchases are above board or not," said  Gauteng Provincial Head of the Hawks, Shadrack Sibiya.

Investigations continue and more arrests are expected.

Buying a Vehicle, Vehicle Finance and Road Safety

Ford Announces Power Outputs for All-New Mustang; Lightweight Body and Performance Chassis

  • Ford reveals for the first time the power outputs for the all-new Ford Mustang
  • All-new 2015 Ford Mustang will offer 228kW equipped with the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, 320kW with the 5.0-litre V8 engine.
  • All-new Mustang will go on sale in South Africa in 2015, with fully independent front and rear suspension, platform optimised for ride and handling

PRETORIA, South Africa 24 July 2014 – Ford Motor Company revealed power outputs and performance details for the all-new Ford Mustang at its Go Further event in Sandton last week.

The all-new Ford Mustang equipped with the new 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine will offer 228kW and 440Nm of torque, while the Mustang equipped with a muscular 5.0-litre V8 engine will generate 320kW with 536Nm of torque.

Both engine options will be made available to customers in South Africa when the all-new Mustang goes on sale late next year. Ford also announced at Go Further that order books for the new Mustang officially open in January 2015.

In addition to the two engine offerings the all-new Mustang will also offer fully independent front and rear suspension, and an advanced lightweight body structure with extensive high-strength steel and aluminium components for excellent ride and handling.

Ford South Africa will announce at a later date final specification and details for all-new Mustang models for South Africa.

A global motoring icon with nine million sold since first launched in 1964, Mustang is the world’s most-liked vehicle on Facebook with more than 7 million fans and has made more than 3,200 appearances in film and on TV.

Advanced engine technology

The new 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine was designed specifically for the all-new Mustang, to meet the needs of drivers looking for outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

“This EcoBoost engine delivers the healthy output Mustang drivers expect, regardless of the car’s speed,” said Scott Makowski, EcoBoost powertrain engineering manager. “It delivers where a Mustang driver expects it to – with a broad, flat torque curve and great drivability under any conditions.”

The newest member of Ford’s global EcoBoost engine family, the 2.3-litre continues to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies including direct fuel injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing and turbocharging.

With a compact engine generating nearly 100kW per litre and more than 188Nm of torque per litre ensuring engine durability was critical. The Mustang EcoBoost engine will withstand the added stresses with:

  • Forged-steel crankshaft
  • Piston-cooling jets
  • Steel piston ring carriers
  • Premium bearing materials
  • Upgraded valve seat materials
  • Forged-steel connecting rods
  • High-pressure die-cast aluminium cylinder block with ladder-frame bearing caps
  • Deep-sump, die-cast aluminium oil pan

The 5.0-litre V8 delivers a host of features that help it breathe, especially at higher engine speeds. Getting air into the cylinders and exhaust out is key to generating more power and torque from any engine, and that has been the focus in the development of this V8, which features:

  • Larger intake valves
  • Larger exhaust valves
  • Revised intake camshafts
  • Revised exhaust camshafts
  • Stiffer valve springs ensure valves close completely at high rpm
  • New cylinder head casting – revised ports provide straighter path to the valves for less restrictive intake and exhaust flow; combustion chamber modifications accommodate larger valves
  • Sinter forged connecting rods are lighter and more durable for high-rpm operation
  • Redesigned piston tops – deeper cut-outs clear the new larger valves
  • Rebalanced forged crankshaft to support higher-rpm operation

Independent suspension and lightweight body for sharper reflexes

With fully independent suspension systems front and rear, and Ford’s integral link rear suspension technology, the all-new Ford Mustang will be the nimble and comfortable, achieving world-class performance in both dynamics and ride quality. Lightweight aluminium is used for the bonnet and front wings to help reduce body mass and improve the weight balance.

Some of the other components made of aluminium include the rear suspension knuckles, rear axle housing on automatic transmission cars, rear control arms, and rear brake callipers. Even parts made of steel and other materials such as the hollow rear stabiliser and the new seats have been intelligently designed to meet the performance standards while keeping weight down.

Every new Mustang features an all-new integral-link independent rear suspension. The suspension architecture is based on a lower control arm, integral link, upper camber link and a toe link. The geometry, springs, dampers and bushings have all been specifically modified and tuned to deliver improved mechanical grip for this high-performance application.

The suspension geometry of Mustang now keeps the body level under hard acceleration and braking. Aluminium alloy rear knuckles help reduce unsprung mass for better ride and handling.

At the front, a non-isolated perimeter subframe helps stiffen the structure while reducing mass, contributing to a better foundation for more predictable wheel control that benefits handling, steering, and ride quality.

The double-ball-joint front MacPherson strut system enables the use of large, powerful brakes without resorting to excessive wheel offsets that would hurt steering feel. Like the rear, the front end contributes to improved pitch stability with anti-dive in the geometry to prevent the nose from squatting under braking.

Hyundai Automotive South Africa launches the enhanced 2014 Elantra

Hyundai Automotive South Africa has launched the enhanced 2014 Elantra - incorporating a refreshed design and improved product features - with the aim to further strengthen this award-winning model's presence in one of the most competitive market segments.

The Hyundai Elantra returns for 2014 with extensive design upgrades: A host of new features have been added, while maintaining the roominess, warranty and safety that has helped the Elantra to be a winner in its market segment.

Since the first-generation Hyundai Elantra was launched in 1990, the model accumulated global sales exceeding 8,77 million units. The Elantra has also won a series of coveted awards, including the 2012 North American Car of the Year and 2012 South African Car of the Year awards.

"The Hyundai Elantra was the first Korean car to win the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists Car of the Year Award, and deservedly so. It is a car with qualities and standard features that makes it a very competent competitor in its segment. The excellent ergonomics of its interior design, outstanding exterior looks and the roomy cabin and luggage area makes it a perfect compact family sedan. It is also a very rewarding and pleasing car to drive," says Stanley Anderson, marketing director of Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

The present model, launched in 2011 in South Africa, has now received all-new front and rear exterior designs, along with interior styling upgrades. The "fluidic sculpture" design language that has first been adopted by Hyundai for its popular ix35 SUV and the flagship Sonata sedan was also used to create the very attractive Elantra. That striking design has now been complemented by several exterior styling refinements.

The enhanced Elantra has an overall length of 4 550 mm, which is 20 mm longer than the previous model, while its wheelbase remains the same. With front and rear bumpers extended by 5 mm and 15 mm respectively, the facelifted Elantra projects a more stable, balanced look.

The newly designed front bumper, radiator grille, fog lamps as well as adoption of LED light guide and projection headlamps add a dynamic, high-tech feel to the Elantra. When seen from the side, the redesigned 17-inch two-tone alloy wheels and chrome belt line moulding accentuate the Elantra's premium image. A new black, two-tone rear bumper and LED rear combination lamps were also adopted.

Interior design elements were modified with the aim of improving usability, reflecting feedback from customers of the previous Elantra model. Such research and feedback resulted in the centre air vent position being moved upward on the dash, while the front centre armrest position was also raised.

Exterior changes

Exterior enhancements in the 2014 Elantra include:

  • New 17" alloy wheels on the 2014 Elantra replace the 16" steel rims;
  • A new headlight design;
  • New front fog lights design;
  • A chrome belt line molding;
  • A new front grille; and
  • Redesigned front and rear bumpers.

The front and rear styling of the 2014 Hyundai Elantra have been altered for a more stable, balanced look. Up front, a new open-mouth lower bumper, grille, more technical fog lights and projector headlamps add a dynamic, precise feel to Elantra.

The whole L-shaped fog light graphic stabilizes the front end and gives the car a more grounded look, while maintaining a greater sense of width that forces the eye to the corners. The headlamp and tail lamp LED accents were also given a more technical appearance to give the Elantra a stronger attitude. Viewed from the side, new 17-inch alloy wheels accentuate the Elantra's premium image.

Interior refinements

Inside, refinements in design give the entire 2014 Hyundai Elantra a more premium feel, with subtle changes to the placement of air-conditioning vents, controls and the height of the front center armrest lending a higher-quality, simplified look.

Interior and convenience enhancements in the 2014 Elantra include:

  • A new audio system with integrated Bluetooth;
  • A redesigned climate control interface;
  • A new straight pull automatic transmission selector with a leather boot;
  • Increased height of centre armrest;
  • Repositioning of the air vents on the dashboard, now also with a shut-off function;
  • The addition of electric folding side mirrors; and
  • The addition of auto-up for the driver's window, with a safety function.

Changes to reduce NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) even further

Since the launch of the current generation Elantra in 2011, the model has undergone significant changes to reduce cabin noise. The cumulative effect of these improvements is evident in the outstanding ride quality of the Elantra and they will be noticed immediately by driver and passengers.

NVH Enhancements include:

  • New HVAC duct absorption material;
  • New, higher density carpet;
  • Increased anti-vibration floor pad thickness;
  • Increased anti-vibration cowl pad thickness;
  • Additional expandable foam in the A pillars;
  • New anti-vibration material in dash panel; and
  • Applied full underbody cover.

Gamma 1.6 MPI D-CVVT engine

The lightweight, all-aluminium 1,6 litre Gamma MPI four-cylinder engine is used for the 2014 Elantra, equipped with D-CVVT to boost power output of 96 kW at 6 300 r/min. and allow lower exhaust emissions while delivering class-leading fuel economy. Peak torque delivery is 157 Nm at 4 850 r/min.

The Gamma has a Mechanical Lash Adjuster (MLA) that improves fuel efficiency and overall rigidity while its lower inertial mass helps reduce friction and noisy valve clatter. The intake/exhaust manifold system improves engine performance with the application of a novel structural design, reducing chronic problems and enhancing durability.

Fuel consumptio of 6,4 litres/100 km has been measured officially for the manual transmission derivative, while the automatic version recorded 6,9 litres/100 km in a combined (urban and open, rural roads) test cycle. The CO2 emissions are 152 g/km and 163 g/km respectively for the manual and automatic derivatives.

Six-speed transmissions

Hyundai's commitment to making the Elantra highly fuel-efficient continues with a six-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC manual control or a standard six-speed manual transmission.

Developed and manufactured entirely in-house, the six-speed automatic transmission is designed for engine applications in small mid-sized passenger cars. The automatic transmission consists of three planet gears, two clutches and three brakes, which make it small, compact and light. Hyundai is one of only three global car manufacturers with its own unique six-speed automatic transmission layout.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 10,1 sec in the manual version, while automatic derivative accelerates in 11,6 sec to 100 km/h. Top speeds are 200 and 195 km/h respectively.

Ride & handling

The suspension and steering components of the Elantra are anchored to a chassis of outstanding rigidity and strength that permits more precise tuning of the final ride and handling settings.

The Motor Drive Power Steering (MDPS) eliminates the use of hydraulics of a conventional power steering system and delivers varying degrees of power assistance. It adapts itself to driving situations, such as city driving and parking in tight spots, or faster driving through sweeping curves on the open road where accurate feedback from the wheels to the steering wheel is critical. The other benefit of the MDPS is that it helps save fuel.

Levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) have been lowered substantially on the new Elantra, inter alia by more sound-deadening foam in key body cavities that counters resonance of sound waves, increased stiffness of the dashboard panel and optimizing the tuning of the size and angle of the bushes in the suspension linkages.

The Elantra uses a MacPherson strut front suspension with a six-point reinforcement of the cross member that improves rigidity and handling characteristics.

At the rear, the coupled torsion beam axle suspension is simple in design and functioning, but light in weight and effective to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride and excellent stability.

A refined ride with a well-weighted and accurate steering response, linked with outstanding suspension articulation and road compliancy, forms part of the modern premium package of the Elantra.

Driver's convenience and safety

The Elantra can boast with a long list of standard features that include safety escort headlamps that remain turned on for 30 seconds after the driver leaves the car, an auto defogging system, and rear park assistance sensors.

Further, the Elantra features airbags for the driver and front passenger, ultra-high tensile steel used to reinforce safety-critical areas of the car's body structure such as a stronger centre member underneath the dashboard, added protection for the driver's knees in case of an accident and hot-stamping technology used to maximise body rigidity of the side structures.

Seatbelt pretensioners complement the passive safety features of the Elantra. ISOFIX child seat anchors are also standard safety features.

An Advanced Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist forms part of the Elantra's active safety system.

The spare wheel of the Elantra is a full-size alloy, stored under the floor of the 485-litre capacity luggage compartment.


Included in the price of the 2014 Elantra is Hyundai's ground-breaking 5 year/150 000 km Warranty, with 5 year/150 000Km Roadside Assistance adding further peace of mind. A 5 year/90 000 km service plan is also part of the standard package. Service intervals are 15 000 km.

The prices of the two Hyundai Elantra derivatives are:

Elantra 1.6 Premium (manual)             R247 900

Elantra 1.6 Premium (automatic)                  R262 900

Upington Housebreaking suspect arrested and stolen items recovered

The Upington Police are investigating a case of housebreaking after a 32 year-old suspect was caught in a closet at a house where he broke into with the stolen goods in his possession.

On Thursday, 17 July 2014 at 17:20 the Crime Prevention members were busy to conduct crime prevention duties in Jooste Eiland, Louisevale, Upington Cluster. Constable Charlton Andrews discovered the alleged suspect in a closet in one of the rooms in the house. According to information, entrance was gained through a window. The items that was confiscated from the suspect was a grinder, a jig saw and a corner driller to the value of R1 000-00. All these items were handed back to the lawful owner.

The Station Commander Colonel Sampie Koopman applauded the two members for their outstanding work.

The suspect will appear in court today for a formal bail application.

The police investigation continues.

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Casual Day – Mandela 67 minutes of service at Cresset House in Midrand

Casual Day ambassadors Luvo Nelani, Nicole Laxton, Kashveera Chanderjith, Khumo Moyane & Thapelo Mokoena

Mandela Day is very special for the Casual Day team and each year the team visits a different school, centre or organisation that renders services to persons with disabilities. This year several of Casual Day’s new ambassadors spent 18 July at Cresset House, a self-sustaining community providing residential and work facilities for 60 adults with intellectual disabilities, including those with Down Syndrome and Autism.

The Casual Day team was there to assist the residents to decorate their hall for a big party. “Mandela Day and Casual Day have this in common: both projects aim to empower communities everywhere. Casual Day seeks to be instrumental in seeing persons with disabilities being included fully in society as interdependent contributors to a better society,” says Casual Day project leader Celeste Vinassa.

The ambassadors that visited Cresset House are Kashveera Chanderjith, the first profoundly deaf chartered accountant in South Africa and audit manager at Anglo American; Tujay Harmonix – or Jonathan Groenewald – a hip hop artist with Muscular Dystrophy; Khumo Moyane, who has a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or ‘brittle bones’; Nicole Laxon, who has Absence Epilepsy, and Luvo Nelani, a human rights activist in the field of disability.

“Our ambassadors are persons with disabilities or people who have dedicated themselves to fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities,” says project leader Celeste Vinassa. “They speak from experience and knowledge about disability. It’s called ‘self-advocacy’. They are all people who have overcome great adversity, and are now ready to help Casual Day with its evolution.

“Casual Day changes lives one R10 sticker at a time. Our ambassadors are there to give society a deeper understanding of the world of disability and how to make the world a more respectful and nurturing place for everybody.”

Cresset House is situated in Glen Austin, Midrand (between the two major cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria), on an expansive property covering eleven hectares. The facility comprises six residential houses, a bakery, an organic vegetable garden, ten vegetable tunnels, a woodwork centre, craft centres and contracts workshops, a stimulation centre, an administrative block and a community hall.

The over-arching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better – this is what Casual Day beneficiary organisations will be doing on Friday 5 September 2014, but it is never too early to start planning to dress up in the 2014 theme, which is Bring out the Bling!

“Cresset House is a long-time participant in Casual Day and we do encourage everyone in the Midrand area to get their stickers from Cresset House 011 314 1148 or 011 314 1848 or email Schools and businesses in the area can create community spirit in action by donation R10 for their sticker,” she says.

Casual Day is South Africa’s most successful fundraising project for persons with disabilities – and the amount raised for last year has climbed to R24.8 million. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA), which this year celebrates 75 years of service to the community of persons with disabilities.

Concludes Vinassa: “This year we celebrate Casual Day’s 20th birthday and invite everyone to help us celebrate the work of all our beneficiaries which are committed to advancing the rights of persons with disabilities. Apart from the services they provide to their constituencies, they are involved in advocacy and lobbying for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream society. All our national beneficiaries are committed to advancing the rights of persons with disabilities – and are representative of a spectrum of conditions and disabilities.”

The beneficiaries of Casual Day are:

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

South African National Council for the Blind

South African Federation for Mental Health

Deaf Federation of South Africa

Autism South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa

National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

South African National Deaf Association

National Institute for the Deaf

Alzheimer’s South Africa

South African Disability Alliance

QuadPara Association of South Africa.


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