Jeep Team’s Michael Lord Wins Standard Bank Banhoek Duo


Jeep Team’s Michael Lord added another victory to his growing list of outstanding 2015 achievements by claiming 1st place at Saturday’s Standard Bank Banhoek Duo and Trail Challengein an impressive time of 1h44m06s.

The challenge, which took place in the Banhoek Valley near Stellenbosch, saw Lord complete the 20km MTB and 10km trail run ahead of second-placed Jeffrey Neethling (1h44m08s), with Louis Goldberg in 3rd(1h56m35s).

Said Lord, “The Standard Bank Banhoek Duo has been my best race so far this year. The route consisted of proper trail running and put the mountain back in mountain biking – 700m of hard climbing over 20 rough and raw kilometres! I’m really happy with the win!”

In the second week of this month, Lord won the 2015 BIG5 Sport Challenge Lite after competing in five gruelling challenges covering MTB, swimming, trail running, multisport and marathon running over eight days. He is also top of the Totalsports Xterra Lite leader board after winning three back-to-back events.

Jeep Team’syoung multisport superstar and a Matriculant this year, Mikaela Jonsson, received the news that shehas been selected for the South African Teamdue to compete in the Duathlon World Championships, taking place in October 2015 in Adelaide, Australia.

Unfortunately, Jonsson will not be able to participate as it takes place a week before her final Matric exams. Bad timing but a fantastic achievement.

Said Jonsson, “I’m so happy to have been chosen, especially seeing as it was my third National Team selection in three different sports this year (cross-triathlon, triathlon and duathlon), but I need to focus on my studies for the rest of this year, so will sadly be missing October’s world champs.In 2016, I will still be racing in the Junior category and will be focusing completely on competing in international races.”

Other Jeep Team news…


On Saturday 25th July, Jeep Team’s MTB athletes, Thinus Redelinghuys and Pierre Smith, were in Ballito for Race#5 of the 2015 Ashburton Investments National MTB Series.

This fifth event, considered a crucial round in terms of the overall series standings, attracted a very strong South African and international field that included Switzerland’s Konny Looser, Gawie Combrinck, Nico Bell and Erik Kleinhans. The course was muddy and slippery, and the conditions windy with rain.

Redelinghuys finished the 105-km race in 12th position (5h26m20s), while Smith was unable to finish in the top 20. Rourke Croeser claimed the Men’s podium in 4h46m50s, with Looser in 2nd (4h57m42s) and Darren Lill 3rd (4h59m52s).

Said Redelinghuys, “It was a really wet, windy and muddy race. I rode with Guylin van den Berg for most of the way and broke away 20km from the end, finishing 12th. This was my first ultra-marathon after my injury I sustained in Clarens and I'm really pleased with the result.”


This weekend, Jeep Team’s Barry Lewin swapped his boat for a mountain bike, and took to the solid but wet ground to compete in the Old Mutual Radoxi Mfolozi Challenge, Event#3 of the Old Mutual Wild Series.

The 55-km MTB race took riders through the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve, with proceeds going towards the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s project to save the endangered African Wild Dog.

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Black rhino Thor makes a speedy recovery


Thor, an orphaned black rhino, almost died a few months ago but today he is enjoying daily mud baths and finds himself the centre of attention among a group of friends.

ER24 executives and head office staff recently visited Care for Wild Africa, home to a number of orphaned and or injured animals including Thor who made headline news late last year.

ER24 released a statement about Thor’s horrific past in December last year.

His mother suffered for a week after poachers shot her and took her horn. She had to be put down when she was found.

Thor was thin, stressed and dehydrated at the time. Care for Wild took him to their property to nurse him back to health but it was not an easy task.

He stopped breathing a few times while being airlifted but he managed to pull through. While at Care for Wild one night however, Thor went into shock. It was difficult to stabilise him.

Marius Koekemoer, the ER24 Northern Regional manager, went to the premises to help treat Thor.

During our visit to Care for Wild recently, ER24 was thrilled to see how well Thor is doing. He was found to be in a healthy state.

He has grown quite a personality, loves playing and is a selective eater. He spends his time with six other orphans; Tyson, River, Mabush, Tana, Wyntir and Annie.

Founder of Care for Wild, Petronel Nieuwoudt said, “Thor loves eating tree branches. He is much more alert and cheekier than the white rhinos. He is in a pen with Annie and Tyson. Tyson is losing the battle to Thor at the moment.”


ER24 supports Care for Wild’s cause

Wildlife like rhinos have to contend with and survive in extremely harsh environments. Knowing the torture these animals have to endure when they come face to face with poachers is heart wrenching.

Andrew Boden, the Chief Executive Officer of ER24, decided to help Care for Wild following a visit to the property in July last year.

Boden, who has a soft spot for animals, was impressed when he saw the extent Nieuwoudt and her team go to, to help sick or hurt animals.

Boden decided to support Care for Wild by providing them with medical supplies, much needed equipment and other necessities. During the recent visit ER24 was proud to see medical supplies and equipment that it had already provided to Care for Wild being put to good use.

It was refreshing to see how animals, which includes lions, rhinos and hippos, rescued and taken to Care for Wild are nurtured and given a second chance at life. Further supplies were handed to Nieuwoudt to continue taking care of the animals in need of attention.

One such animal for example is Venus, another orphaned rhino. She was found to be in a bad state when she was rescued in November last year.

Nieuwoudt said Venus was walking on a foot with a bad wound for quite some time prior to being rescued. She was covered in ticks and had abscesses. Her overall condition was poor on arrival at Care for Wild. Venus’ foot needed to be constantly treated and bandaged since then in order for it to heal. Fortunately, her health is improving.

Just prior to ER24’s recent visit, a severely dehydrated zebra was rescued and taken to Care for Wild.

During the visit, ER24 found Nieuwoudt, supported by several volunteers, trying to nurse the zebra back to health.

ER24’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Robyn Holgate, helped Nieuwoudt treat the zebra.



It was remarkable to see the number of volunteers, local and international, that Care for Wild attracts.

Volunteers help Nieuwoudt in a number of ways including in the preparation of food for the animals. This is no easy task.

Food is carefully prepared taking into account the medication and other needs of each animal.

Volunteers spoke highly of Care for Wild. They also said that caring for the animals has had great impact on their lives.

Ruby Bell from Australia, who had two bulldogs that she loved dearly, said, “One of my bulldogs died due to illness and the other was stolen. I came here to honour them and to heal. Being here is helping me. I did lots of research for rhino sanctuaries. I love rhinos. I did not know why before but now that I am around them I know why,” she said.

It was Arthi Nataraajan’s second visit to Care for Wild. Arthi, from Atlanta Georgia, said the reason for her return was because she grew close to Emma, a hippo at Care for Wild. “I came here for some therapy. I was around the animals and felt like I had a purpose. I really bonded with the animals and therefore came back,” she said. Autumn Harmon, who attends a school in Colorado, said she loves animals and doing anything she can to help them. She said she wants to give back as much as she can and taking care of animals is her way of doing just that.

The animals, Nieuwoudt and her team are like one big happy family. The love and affection for the animals is evident.

Nieuwoudt said, “For me to work with animals, see how they develop and see how they recover from trauma and shock is wonderful. Teaming up with ER24 is just amazing. It is wonderful to know I have ER24’s support. I can just pick up the phone, talk to them and they help me. For example with the zebra, Venus’ foot and Manji, another rhino… I needed assistance and ER24 helped. Without ER24 I am lost. We are also grateful to Dr Holgate for helping arrange assistance from Smith and Nephew and Umsinsi Health Care. They provided medical supplies and special dressings needed for Venus’ foot. We are lucky to have companies like these that believe in conservation and helping wildlife,” she said.

First Car Rental Supports Platbos Forest Future

platbos-forestFirst Car Rental’s support of the Platbos Forest Reserve Organisation is in an effort to ensure the long-term survival and restoration of Africa's southernmost indigenous forest located between Gansbaai and Hermanus in the Western Cape.

First Car Rental has created an online donation facility that allows its customers to opt to donate R15 to Platbos Forest whenever they book a rental car through First Car Rental's website.All donations go directly to the Platbos Forest.

Platbos Forest is a unique, indigenous forest with some trees being over 1000 years old. The forest's existence has puzzled botanists because unlike other relic forests that have retreated into wetter areas such as mountain ravines and riverbeds to survive, Platbos Forest grows in deep, sandy alkaline soil in an area where there is relatively low rainfall and no river feeding into the forest - a conundrum that makes this forest extremely rare and endangered.

Platbos Forest is also a powerful symbol of hope because despite previous logging activities and devastating fires, drought, and the threat from invasive alien vegetation, Platbos Forest persists.

Says Melissa Storey, Executive Head of Strategy, Development & Marketing at First Car Rental, “The Platbos Forest is a rare natural treasure that needs to be protected. We hope to use our online portal to get our customers involved and educated on this amazing forest, and hopefully donate as a result.”

Last year, First Car Rental pledged 15 trees to support the reforestation initiative. First Car Rental also kicked off a donation drive on Twitter, challenging other South African car rental companies such as Avis, and EuropCar to donate to the ‘Trees for Hope’ campaign.

Says Melissa Storey, “As a company, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We launched the first-ever paperless checkout system to eliminate paper waste. We also use the revolutionary e-washa car wash system at our Cape Town branch, which reduces municipal water waste by nearly 80%. Supporting the Platbos Forest Reserve reforestation programme fits in perfectly with our company ethos and we urge others to do their bit to save and protect this ancient indigenous forest.”

To find out more about Platbos Forest, visit:

The Different Ways in Which to Register for an e-Tag

eToll costingAs South Africans, we are all aware of the controversy that surrounds e-Tolls and the cost they bring to commuters. Although the monthly fee is not exorbitant, many road users feel that they are being cheated – especially since salaries and petrol levies are taxed in the name of ‘road maintenance and SANRAL’. Added to your existing costs of vehicle insurance and other monthly payments, an added cost is the last thing that any local driver hopes for. However, as the noise surrounding these highway eyesores gets louder, it is becoming more popular to register for an e-Tag.

SANRAL, in an effort to boost commuter morale, have taken the liberty of adding an e-Toll booth in every second shopping mall, which makes it simple to sign up and register for their tags. Growing demand also means that there are bound to be queues, which very few people have time to endure. Thankfully, the South African public has also been given the opportunity to order their tags online, which streamlines the process. Regardless of your approach to politics and the local economy, a tag could save you a substantial sum of money at the end of each month. Here is how you go about registering for an e-Tag:

Firstly, What is an e-Tag?

Designed to record your road activity on Gauteng’s highways, an e-Tag is a small electronic device that is fitted to the inside of your vehicle, either on the top of your windscreen or on your dashboard. The tag is linked to both your number plate and your e-Toll account which is either payable monthly or, if you would rather avoid monthly payments, you can credit the device with a certain amount of money each month. As you drive through an e-Toll, the relevant money will be debited off of the device’s credit.

Where Can I Sign Up?

Forget about queues, and think about quick and efficient service! You will be able to sign up for an e-Tag and an e-Toll account at one of the following:

  • Checkers,
  • Pick ‘n Pay,
  • Shoprite, or
  • e-Toll Customer Service Outlets,
  • Order online at

You will also need the following documents to ensure that you are able to sign up for an e-Toll account:

  • Valid ID and contact details,
  • Physical and postal address,
  • Vehicle Papers,
  • Payment details - bank account, credit card details or cash.

How Do I Register?

Signing up and registering for an e-Tag are the same thing. Once you’ve signed up, you will need to register your e-Tag before you can start using it. It might take one or two days before the little device starts charging you for your commute, but by the end of the month, you’re sure to be e-Toll compliant.

As SANRAL advocate e-Tolls, MiWay advocates road safety. Take a look at our latest eBook [link to:] for comprehensive information on surviving your commute on South African roads. Remember to review your insurance policy to ensure that everything is up to date. If you’re staying away from insurance companies in an effort to save money, why not look at our affordable insurance options?


With e-Tolls quickly becoming a large part of every commuter’s day, it is best to register for an e-Tag. Not only will this ensure that you avoid a hefty toll at the end of every month but it will also ensure that you are privy to a large discount on your monthly fee. Take a look at the different ways in which to register for an e-tag.

Company Bio

MiWay is a direct, short-term insurance provider offering a range of value-for-money insurance products. As well as motor, household and homeowners insurance, there are also add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover.

Former VWSA MD, Peter Searle visits Volkswagen Factory in Uitenhage

Peter SearlePeter Searle, Managing Director of Volkswagen South Africa from 1988 until 1994 returned to the factory 21 years after retiring with his grandson, Christopher. He toured the world-class production facilities from the comfort of the popular FactoryTour vehicle.

The Volkswagen FactoryTour vehicle which was launched in June 2013, allows visitors to experience a tour of Volkswagen Group South Africa’s manufacturing factory in Uitenhage in comfort and style.

“With over 10 000 visitors to our factory annually, the FactoryTour Vehicle has helped speed up the factory tours especially with the senior citizens that sometimes struggle to walk around the factory,” explainrf Matt Gennrich, General Manager Group Communications.

“Another benefit is that it has also allowed us to reduce the minimum age of our visitors to eight years due to the improved safety of being transported in the FactoryTour vehicle.”

Volkswagen’s factory tours take place on Mondays to Thursdays at 09h00 and 12h00. On Friday, there is only one tour at 09h00. Bookings can be made through the Volkswagen AutoPavilion on 041 994 5941/3. The FactoryTour includes the tour of the AutoPavilion, where some of the Volkswagen South Africa classic cars are on display.

Cancer survivor appointed as Casual Day ambassador


Bongi Pearl Mdluli

Durban journalism student Bongi Pearl Mdluli has been appointed as a Casual Day ambassador. The brave cancer survivor who agreed to have her left leg amputated to save her life is making waves in the media. And on the ground with her Confidence Driven Youth Club which uses storytelling, camps, speaking opportunities and events to raise funds.

She has grown her brand in a very short time, amassing 17 000 fans on her Facebook page.

Bongi has come on board to inspire communities to participate in Casual Day 2015, which takes place on Friday 4 September. Casual Day project leader Vanessa du Plessis says “We are privileged to be working this passionate woman who cares so deeply for the people around her. She will be inspiring everyone to dress in the Casual Day theme, Spring into Action. She was chosen because she has not let her disability stop her from making a difference in the world.”

Casual Day is South Africa’s most successful fundraising project for persons with disabilities – and the amount raised for last year has climbed to R28 million. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA).

This is way Bongi was chosen as an ambassador: Originally from Bergville in KZN, she grew up in Vereeniging where she finished her matric at General Smuts High School in 2012.

But she was only 13 when tragedy struck. She was in grade 6 at Selborne Primary when her leg started to swell up. However, she was not taken to a doctor for a few months and when she finally saw a doctor, she was diagnosed with osteogenic cancer.

The doctors advised her parents that the only thing that would save her was an amputation, but they refused to sign the consent forms. Because she was in so much pain, Bongi took matters in her own hands, requesting the surgery herself. She courageously went ahead with the procedure despite a lack of consensus from her extended family.

After a few days in a wheelchair, she was up and learning to walk on crutches. “During my months of unpleasant chemotherapy, I learnt to accept the situation and successfully finished primary school during this time,” she says. But then she had to face high school, where she was bullied and became the butt of jokes and taunts.

Slowly she learnt to deal with the negative attitudes. “I stopped allowing others to define me and for my matric dance I chose an outfit that surprised everyone. I wore a fish-tale dress copied from the famous Bonang Matheba and eight inch stiletto heels. As I danced the night away, I thought about my journey.”

Then, she went against the grain again, moving to Durban. “I wanted to face challenges alone. I told my parents I wanted to face the world on my own - where I will meet people who make fun of me. And people who will meet the person I am now.”

Becoming a regular on radio and TV, she found that people wanted to learn from her. “I realized how many people are inspired by my story. I realized a lot of people lack self love because they let others control their lives.” Her social media accounts were inundated with messages from people thanking her for changing their lives.

She started a project called Confidence Driven were she shares stories, have camps, do public speaking, raise funds for the needy and visiting schools, hospitals starting from the rural areas to urban. She is also focusing on youth who feel that committing suicide is easier than dealing with bullying, ridicule and peer pressure.


The beneficiaries of Casual Day are:

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

South African National Council for the Blind

South African Federation for Mental Health

Deaf Federation of South Africa

Autism South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa

National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

South African National Deaf Association

National Institute for the Deaf

Alzheimer’s South Africa

South African Disability Alliance

QuadPara Association of South Africa.


Stickers are available from:
Edgars, Jet, JetMart, Boardmans, CNA, Red Square and Legit;
Absa outlets;
Game and DionWired stores;
Shoprite and Checkers stores; and
Casual Day national office on 011 609 7006.

Cancer and heart disease: leading causes of insurance claims

different types of cancer

It’s no secret that our modern day lifestyles are bad for our health and statistics released by Hollard Life seem to confirm this. Heart disease and cancer are by far the leading causes of all claims across critical illness, death and disability income benefits, followed by vehicle accidents and stroke.  (Based on claims Hollard Life claim stats June-Dec 2014)

Their claims statistics show:

  • 42% of all the claims they received between June and December last year were due to heart disease.
  • Heart disease and stroke – generally thought to be something only middle-aged men need to worry about – are becoming more and more common in women. Heart disease and stroke claims made by both men and women were mostly for those between the ages of 41 and 50.
  • The second leading claims cause across all benefits was cancer at 20%. 
  • Prostate, breast, colon and metastatic cancers were the most common cancers claimed for during the period.

“We are also seeing a sharp increase in the number of claims for early or ‘stage 0’ cancer. This is when the cancer is localised and hasn’t spread to surrounding tissue, or it’s pre-malignant, which means the cells are abnormal, but not yet cancerous.  The increase in early cancer claims suggests that South Africans are being more proactive about detecting and treating cancer early, which in turn means a greater chance of more successful and less invasive treatments,” explains Susan Gonnermann, claims manager at Hollard Life.

The scary thing is that many illnesses like heart disease and certain cancers can be prevented just by adopting a healthy lifestyle.  The best defence is knowing your family history, taking positive steps to reduce your health risks and having a financial plan in place in case you do ever have to face one of these serious illnesses.

Susan Gonnerman

Susan Gonnerman

This is what you need to know to make sure that your tomorrow is secured, so you can live your today to the fullest:

  • Apply for life, disability and critical illness cover while you’re young and healthy. Statistics show that many diseases are being diagnosed at much younger ages than ever before. The cost of insurance products increase as you get older so the sooner you get cover the better.
  • You also need to apply for cover when you’re younger because this is the most productive time of your life, when you are most reliant on your income to meet financial obligations and take care of your growing family.
  • It’s important to get cover when you’re healthy because many insurers apply exclusions to pre-existing conditions. What this means is that they won’t pay a claim if it is related to an illness or other medical condition that you already had when you applied for cover.
  • Don’t assume that everything is covered! Chances are that if you have critical illness cover (even comprehensive cover), it won’t cover you for early cancer because most policies only cover cancer from stage 1 and upwards.  You may have medical aid, but many of the costs related to early stage screening and treatment may not be fully covered.  Hollard’s Early Cancer Cover, an industry first, covers you for stage 0 cancer and can be added to your critical illness cover. Speak to your advisor and make sure you know exactly what you are covered for.
  • Keep your cover up to date by meeting your advisor every year, or as soon as your circumstances change. Big life changes like getting married or having a child have a big effect on your financial situation.

No one knows what the future holds  but having a financial plan in place means you can live your today to the fullest knowing that, no matter what life throws at you tomorrow, you’re covered.

Jeep Team’s Hank McGregor Claims Record-Breaking 10th Berg River Win

Jeep Team's Hank McGregor becomes the first person ever to win the grueling Berg River Canoe Marathon ten times

Jeep Team’s Hank McGregor cemented his status as a South African paddling legend on Saturday, 18 July, when he won the 2015 Berg River Canoe Marathon, becoming the first person in the race’s 54 year history to win 10 Berg titles.

The multiple world champion paddler last won the Berg in 2012, missing the 2013 race due to a clash with the surfski world championships, and again in 2014 for the birth of his son, Thorsten.

McGregor’s mighty comeback saw him dominate the 240km four-day race from start to finish, winning Tuesday’s (14 July) time trial and leading the four stages thereafter.The only prizes that evaded the Jeep Team star were the third and fourth stage bridge prizes.

Said McGregor at the finish line in Velddrif, Western Cape, “To win one Berg River is something special; to win ten is something everyone only ever dreams of doing and I’m sure it will only really sink in, in a couple of weeks’ time.”

 “I definitely think this was one of the toughest Bergs ever, especially yesterday, but it’s a pearler of a day today and today was one of the best paddles I’ve ever had,” he added.

Considered the world’s toughest river marathon, this year’s raceturned even more treacherous due to freezing temperatures and severely low water levels, which led race organisers to move the start on Wednesday, 15 July,45km downstream to Hermon Bridge (only the second time in the race’s 54-year history that the start has not been in Paarl).

McGregor’s bid for a 10th title after winning the race in 2000 and again for eight consecutive years between 2005 and 2012 got off to a great start as he clinched the Stage 1 win ahead of defending champion Andrew Birkett in 2nd and Spain’s Kiko Vega in 3rd.

Said McGregor, “The water level definitely made it a lot harder, jumping in an out of our boats like a rabbit for the first forty minutes was really tough and there were a lot more obstacles in the river than normal.It was also super cold – this morning was one of the coldest mornings I’ve ever started at the Berg – while the lack of water flow made it a long first day on the water.”

Thursday’s Stage 2 covered the same stretch of river as Stage 1, with paddlers racing a slightly shorter route from Zonquasdrift to Bridgetown. McGregor’s race began with a three minute advantage due to his Stage 1 victory. Heheld onto the overall lead, but not without difficulty.

Said McGregor, “It was quite hard starting on my own today and never quite knowing just how hard I was needing to go. When you’re on your own your mind plays games with you and while trying to remember where I went yesterday, I unfortunately made some silly mistakes. But I’m just glad to have gotten here in one piece and I’m still leading so I couldn’t be happier.”

As the longest of the four days, Stage 3 is the most physically demanding, with paddlers racing 75km from Bridgetown to Zoutkloof. Add to this freezing cold temperatures, scattered rain showers and gale force winds, and day 3 turned into a mental and physical endurance test, with even the race’s top elite paddlers turning all of their attention towards survival.

Despite his lead, McGregor wasn’t about to surrender any of his hard-fought advantages, edging out Birkett in the day’s final sprint while Vega and the Czech Republic’s Jakub Adam finished a few seconds later.

On finishing, McGregor spared a thought for those paddlers still out on the river up against the elements, “When we passed some of the back markers early on I just felt sorry for them because I think there are going to be guys with hyperthermia this afternoon!” he said. “We took nearly six hours so I’d hate to know how long the guys at the back are going to be out there for!”

Thankfully, the weather conditions for Saturday’s final 60 km stage, from Zoutkloof to the West Coast fishing village of Velddrif, had improved tremendously, with the sunshine out to welcome paddlers home.

McGregor headed into day 4 with a two and a half minute lead, and was one of nine paddlers to form a break-away group before the portage at Oordraplek. An hour to the finish, McGregor then surged ahead of the group, with only three paddlers – Birkett, Graeme Solomon and Jakub Adam - able to keep up.

With a kilometre to go and the title all but decided McGregor thanked the three others for the company throughout the race before charging to the finish line ahead of Birkett to complete his Berg fairytale in an overall time of 18h41m52.33s.

Said McGregor, “I first went down a stretch of this river when I was six years old and from then on I always wanted to win the Berg one day.

“My wife Pippa has supported me the whole way and I couldn’t have done it without her and maybe one day my son Thorsten will come paddle the Berg; for now though this one’s for us.

“I don’t know if I’ll be back but there’s something about this race that seems to keep drawing me back – probably because it’s the toughest race in the world.”

Other Jeep Team news…

Obstacle Course Racing

Jeep Team welcomes its newest athlete to the OCR team, JoshuaMasudi. This weekend, Masudi competed in and won the Commando Elite (20 Obstacles - 10km)event at Race#5 of the Jeep Warrior Series, which took place at Sugar Rush Adventure Park in Ballito from 18 – 19 July.

Jeep Team’s Thomas van Tonder, Jay JayDeysel and Dominique D'Oliveiracompeted in the Warrior Race’sBlacks Ops Elite category (30 Obstacles - 16km), with D'Oliveiraclaiming 3nd in the Women’s race in 2h05m30s, behind first-placed HannekeDannhauser and JetaimeRibbink in 2nd.

Van Tonder and Deysel finished 4th and 7th respectively in the Men’s category.


On Saturday, 18 July, Jeep Team’s Dylan Rebello and Michael Lord competed in the 2015 Stihl SA MTB XCO Championships, which took place in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

Rebello claimed a podium finish in the U23 race, placing 3rd in 1h20m30s, behind first-placed GertHeyns (1h16m51s) and Arno du Toit in 2nd (1h17m52s).

While not strictly an MTB athlete, Lord managed an impressive 7th place finish in the Men’s U23 race.

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Casual Day ambassadors visit children with disabilities on Mandela Day

Casual Day ambassadors Patrick Mashegwana and Lefa Manemela, Miss Deaf 2013, visited children with disabilities on the West Rand.

Casual Day ambassadors Patrick Mashegwana and Lefa Manemela, Miss Deaf 2013, visited children with disabilities on the West Rand.

Casual Day ambassadors spent their 67 minutes for Mandela Day at the West Rand Association for the Physically Disabled in Krugersdorp and one of WRAPD’s community projects, the Rainbow Daycare Centre in Randfontein, which provides daycare services to approximately 40 mentally and physically challenged children from Toekomsrus, Mohlakeng and Kagiso.

Ambassadors Tujay Harmonix, a rapper with muscular dystrophy and Lefa Manamela, hearing impaired pageant winner – Miss Deaf SA and first princess at the Miss Deaf Africa 2015 pageant, delivered boxes of shirts and nappies to West Rand APD. Also there to enjoy the community celebrations was Casual Day ambassador Patrick Mashegwana, who dispensed a lot of big hugs and high fives, interacting with the children and teachers. Afterwards, they visited the Rainbow Daycare Centre, which receives financial support from WRAPD.

They were there to inspire the community to Spring Into Action for the Casual Day campaign run by WRAPD to raise funds for persons with disabilities. Casual Day 2015 takes place on Friday 4 September.

Casual Day is South Africa’s most successful fundraising project for persons with disabilities – and the amount raised for last year has climbed to R28 million. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA).

Casual Day changes lives one R10 sticker at a time. The ambassadors are there to give society a deeper understanding of the world of disability and how to make the world a more respectful and nurturing place for everybody.

The over-arching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better. What better time to start planning for this day: get your school or your company on board, get your local stores to raise donations for stickers, get your local celebs to provide support, and whatever you do, Spring into Action.

To support WRAPD’s Casual Day campaign, get your sticker from Elizma Claassen on 011 660 7964/5.

CAPTION: Casual Day ambassador Patrick Mashegwana with Thapelo Phane, from the Rainbow Daycare Centre, on Mandela Day.


The national beneficiaries of Casual Day are:

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

South African National Council for the Blind

South African Federation for Mental Health

Deaf Federation of South Africa

Autism South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa

National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

South African National Deaf Association

National Institute for the Deaf

Alzheimer’s South Africa

South African Disability Alliance

QuadPara Association of South Africa.

All-New Volvo XC90 Launched in South Africa

volvo xc90

. Visually striking SUV Volvo shows the future of Scandinavian car design

. World's most powerful and cleanest 7-seat premium SUV

. A high-tech reinterpretation of the user interface

. World First safety and convenience features

. First car on Volvo Cars' new Scalable Product Architecture

Since the unveiling last August at an event in Stockholm, the XC90 has been attracting a great deal of attention thanks to its stunning design, innovative powertrain program and its redefinition of the connected in-­-car control experience.

"The XC90 represents the future of Volvo Cars. It is the first step in our product renewal plan and reflects our commitment to deliver a new kind of luxury car experience. The XC90 is a result of tireless research and innovation made possible by a substantial investment. We are delighted to see that it has been so well received," said Håkan Samuelsson, President & CEO, Volvo Car Group.

The new face of Volvo

Combining a distinctive and confident face, complete with the updated Volvo Iron Mark and the signature 'Thor's Hammer' headlights, the XC90's connection to Volvo's past and homage to the Swedish lifestyle is entirely evident in the new design language.

"We have focused on the celebration of elegance, space and wellbeing in the design of the XC90. Every detail is thought through - from the uncluttered console and large tablet-­-like touchscreen interface to the handmade crystal Orrefors gear knob in our Twin Engine version. We have focused on creating a new expression of luxury simplicity and digital craftsmanship that delivers a unique and calming experience," said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President, Design.

Strength of character

Taking the best of Volvo's innovative safety systems and adding to that list, the XC90 comes fully equipped with the IntelliSafe package as standard, delivering two world firsts - Run-off Road Protection, and Auto Brake at Intersections.

"We look at real-life accident statistics and study real crash scenes with our Traffic Accident Research Team. We do not develop new safety systems or features to pass tests - we develop them to save lives. This is why we can confidently aim to meet our Vision 2020 goal of having no one killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. We believe we have developed the safest SUV," said Dr. Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Volvo Car Group.


Thanks to the efficient performance delivered by Volvo's 4-cylinder Drive-E engine program the XC90 provides a broad range of power options.

"Our Drive-E 4-cylinder engines deliver a wide band of power for the XC90 in both petrol and diesel, front and all-wheel drive configurations. On top of that we are introducing our no compromise Twin Engine technology in the XC90 T8, which delivers 300kW, 470Nm and only 49g CO2/km. It makes the all-new Volvo XC90 the most powerful and cleanest premium SUV on the market," said Dr. Peter Mertens.

The introduction of Twin Engine technology in the XC90, which was developed in cooperation with Siemens, sets a new benchmark in terms of efficient performance in the luxury SUV segment.

Volvo Cars has a long history of electrification - the first hybrid concept car (the ECC) was produced back in 1992. Volvo Cars also introduced the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid in the V60 sportswagon in 2011.


Volvo Cars has developed advanced and engaging ride and handling characteristics for the XC90 in Volvo's new state-of-the-art chassis simulation lab. The results speak for themselves. The new Volvo XC90 delivers a smooth and nimble character in the city, an engaging drive on country roads and a comfortably solid presence on the highway.

"The brief I gave to the chassis team during the development work was to deliver a driving experience that you might call 'Relaxed Confidence'. The XC90 chassis is designed to cater for individual driving styles in all road and weather conditions thanks to the Four Corner Active Air Suspension system we have developed," said Dr. Peter Mertens.

Intuitive Touch

Featuring a complete re-imagination of traditional in-car controls, the XC90 driver interface is based on touch screen technology and an intuitively tiled menu system that takes the effort out of personalisation and interaction.

Volvo's Sensus control system, delivers true connectivity with a range of useful cloud-based applications and services which can be operated via the touch screen, through steering wheel controls, or via the advanced on-board voice control system.

"We have created a premium SUV with thought-through safety and convenience features, true luxurious comfort, solid and adaptable drive settings and stunning Scandinavian design. The XC90 is just the start. Within the next four years we will have replaced every car in our portfolio and the XC90 will then be the oldest car in the Volvo Cars showroom," concluded Håkan Samuelsson.

New trim level strategy

With the all-new XC90, Volvo Cars is introducing a whole new trim level system, which resembles a tree with two branches. Kinetic is the base, followed by the very competitive Momentum level.

Inscription and R-Design form the two branches on the tree. The Inscription package is designed for customers that want an elegant look and a luxurious experience, while R-Design has a sporty and dynamic aura.

The South African line-up will consist of Momentum, Inscription, and R-Design derivatives.

"In principle, we have replaced the previous top level with the Inscription and R-Design versions. Both of them feature an elevated content, carefully chosen to emphasise each of their distinctive individual personalities," said Alain Visser.

Volvo XC 90 2

South Africa

  • On sale from 1 August 2015
  • Initially, the all-new Volvo XC90 will launch with the T6 and D5 derivatives.
  • D4 and T5 derivatives will follow toward the end of 2015.
  • T8 due to arrive in SA during first half of 2016.

All-New Volvo XC90 Awards

Since its launch in August 2014, the Volvo XC90 has been the recipient of many high profile awards, recognising its innovative approach to design, both interior and exterior and its ground-breaking approach to in-car control systems and connectivity features with its Sensus technology.




Award Awarded By Year Country
Most Innovative HMI System Car HMI Concept & Systems 2015 Germany
Best Technological Car Mas Que Coches, TELE 5 2015 Spain
Swiss Car of the Year - Runner up Schweizer Illustrierte 2015 Switzerland
Automotive Launch of the Year AUTO LIDER 2015 Poland
Interior Design of the Year Automotive Interiors Expo 2015 Germany
Best Big SUV Auto Motor & Sport reader poll 2015 Sweden
Best Innovation, Design, Quality and Operating Comfort Plus X Award 2015 Germany
Most Innovative car of the year Automotive Innovations 2015 2015 Germany
Best car of the year Auto Swiat 2015 Poland
Big SUV of the year AUTO LIDER 2015 Poland
Car Maker of the Year TU Automotive 2015 USA
Best Luxury Midsize SUV U.S. News & World Report 2015 USA
Yankee Cup Technology Award New England Motor Press Association 2015 USA
Best SUV of the year Motor-Presse Bohemia reader poll 2015 Czech Republic
Best 4x4 Diesel Car Magazine 2015 UK
Company Car of The Year - Large SUVs Firmenauto/DEKRA 2015 Germany
Best of the Best Product Design Award Red Dot Awards 2015 Germany
Connected Car of the Year 2014 France

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