Focus on lifestyle changes to move towards Health

Elizma de Jager in photo by Nick van der Leek

The human body is an amazing machine which can achieve some pretty amazing feats. The 2012, London Olympic Games is a few months away now and the excitement will soon be palpable. Yet millions of viewers of this years games will be enjoying it from their most favorite arm chair.

Innovation has brought various technological marvels to be and these marvels can be observed all around us. From offices integrated with local area networks or DNLA to fast availability of delivery services which will bring you pretty much anything you need to your doorstep. All of these have one thing in common, they reduce time spent on unnecessary travel thus saving time and making your life easy, but some of these comforts come at a price. A price you might end up paying with your life.

Today’s youth do things a little bit different to what the generations of the past use to. Back in the day we ran to our friends who lived a few blocks away to get the cricket game at the local park going and it would keep going till our parents would come and find us or it got to dark to see the ball. Today a text, email, instant message or social media post will suffice as notification to your friends to log onto their favorite games console’s network so that the session can commence.

Fact is today’s living is easy and we are paying for it with our bodies. Every movement we make takes energy and converts fat or substance into sugar which fuels the body. It’s basically the same as with a car and a fuel tank. You need fuel to move. Problem is when comparing the body to an automobile our tanks and fuel reserves out weigh the usage and the bodies fuel gauge does not have a limit, you can just keep on adding and adding.

How do we curb the problem then? By making small adjustments to our daily activities you can really make a difference. How about going up to the third floor coffee room instead of the one 20 feet away. Instead of waiting for the elevator, take the stairs. Remove the batteries from the remote and get up from the couch to change the channel or adjust the volume. The more you move the better.

A small adjustment and a different view towards the definition of physical effort may change your life. Start today and start moving for health.

Andre Visser, ER24

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