Regretful thief returns stolen GPS device with a note to say sorry!

Even thieves sometimes display regret!! We would like to share an amazing story appearing in the Daily Mail!

“When Kevin Ingram’s satnav and digital radio vanished from his unlocked van outside his home, he gave them up as gone for good.

The electrician and his wife Sue, who had been targeted by thieves before, chose not to claim the items on their insurance or to alert the police.

Which turned out to be just as well – because the morning after the theft, Mrs Ingram discovered a note on the van’s windscreen pointing to a bag by the side of their home in Stone, near Dartford, Kent, containing the stolen valuables.

There was also an apology note from the thief and £10 (R119) in cash. The note read: ‘Very sorry 4 taking this was very drunk £10 is for your inconvenience’.

The Ingrams, who are scout leaders, said they were ‘stunned’ by the attack of conscience.

Mr Ingram, 54, said: ‘When I saw them on the side and a £10 bonus I couldn’t believe it.

‘I can respect the person a lot more for returning them even though they shouldn’t have been taken in the first place.’

The satnav is vital to Mr Ingram’s job and the radio was a birthday present from his son.

Mrs Ingram, a 54-year-old primary school liaison officer, said that the incident had restored her faith in humanity. She added: ‘I would pat them [the thief] on the back. It is quite nice to see someone say sorry when they have done wrong.’ -Daily Mail”

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