DVTEL Quasar 4K Ultra HD Cameras from GIT take video surveillance quality to new heights

DVTEL Quasar 4K Ultra

Graphic Image Technologies (GIT), a specialist in remote CCTV and control room technologies, video compression and transmission, has announced the availability of DVTEL Quasar 4K Ultra High Definition (HD) cameras. The range consists of mini-dome and bullet form factors, employing state of the art broadcast quality HD media processors and operating at 30 frames per second. This delivers four times more detail than today’s most advanced HD 1080 cameras and better, more cost-effective imaging than legacy 10-megapixel cameras.

“While 10-megapixel cameras offer similar resolution to 4K cameras, the frame rate and light sensitivity of these cameras is typically low and storage costs are high, hindering their adoption. The Quasar 4K cameras from DVTEL feature new high-quality sensors that enable the cameras to operate at up to 30 frames per second, significantly upping the quality of the image entering the camera. In addition, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) have evolved to handle larger image formats. These breakthroughs mean that users can now leverage the quality of 4K cameras for a similar cost of ownership as a 1080p deployment,” says Laurence Smith, Executive at GIT.

The DVTEL Quasar 4K cameras provide unprecedented image quality at an industry-leading 250 million pixels per second, while using up to 30 percent less storage than many HD1080 solutions. The range also incorporates an advanced low light 4K image sensor, making these cameras ideal for surveillance in a wide variety of applications. Broadcast motion processing architecture results in the lowest possible bandwidth consumption, delivering predictable storage requirements and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

DVTEL Quasar 4K cameras offer broadcast quality video with 4K Ultra HD at full frame rate with the lowest bit rate and multi-streaming at the highest frame rates. They feature P-Iris lenses for improved image quality, and infrared (IR) illumination for high-quality imagery in low-light conditions. The cameras are also vandal resistant and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. A web interface offers easy viewing and configuration for a simplified user experience.

“With crime a continuing problem across the globe, 4K Ultra HD has become the new evidentiary standard for surveillance solutions. The DVTEL Quasar 4K cameras are a cost effective Ultra HD surveillance solution that can easily handle wide variations in motion and lighting. They offer higher levels of forensic zoom and deliver greater detail out of images. This makes it ideal for applications such as casino floors, airports, city surveillance, commercial offices, university campuses, Port Authorities, shopping malls, car parks and more,” Smith concludes.

DVTEL Quasar 4K Ultra HD cameras are available immediately from GIT.

About Graphic Image Technologies

Graphic Image Technology (GIT) was formed in 1991 and specialises in remote CCTV and control room technologies as well as broadcast technologies including video playout, compression and transmission.  The company targets organisations that require CCTV technology and broadcasting companies with its solutions, delivering technology that has been specifically chosen due to its quality and best of breed status. The company features a level 2 BBEEE status.

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