You need to know this 1 thing about portable possessions cover

You know that ring? The 1 handed down from your great granny’s long lost lover from Parys? Yes, you read that right. Parys, not Paris. Less fancy but definitely still romanties, okay? Let’s not be bagging on Parys, it’s a lovely spot. But back to the ring, because we’ve got a newsflash about insuring items like this.


Because this is the time of year when gifts are exchanged. Some of these gifts are fun (that Twister game is a winner) some are practical (thanks for the GPS, dad… And the new oven mitts, mom) and some are super fancy and expensive (like granny’s ring). It’s the gifts that hold monetary value that we want to talk about right now before the festive season really takes over and you forget about your usual responsibilities. Of course, by ‘responsibilities’ we mean insurance. Because getting insurance that you can afford for the items that you love and need is the responsible thing to do.

Again… Why?

You see, a lot of those new additions to your life need to be covered so that if anything happens, you can claim for the repairs or cash to replace it. Our festive advice is that you should invest in portable possessions insurance to make sure you’re able to either substitute that heirloom with another piece of jewellery or upgrade your smashed tablet to something less cracked.

The usual suspects

Right, so most of us know what portable possessions insurance does. If it’s worth a pretty penny and you happen to take it out of your home on a daily basis, it should be insured.

Of course, it’s safe to say that various items in your possession hold sentimental value and that, once stolen or damaged, they cannot be replaced. But you can claim for the monetary value and not be left emptyhanded altogether. And that’s what portable possessions insurance is there for.

Some insurers, like this 1 here make it super easy for you to insure all these items by separating them out according to category. This way, you can go online and choose from laptops and tablets insurance, jewellery insurance, handbag insurance, camera insurance, phones insurance, and eyewear (‘glasses’) insurance.


Here’s that 1 thing that you need to know

Basically, you can insure a heap of stuff with your portable possessions under a general amount. But when it comes to anything that’s quite a bit more pricey, you need to insure these things individually. Lots of people make the mistake of getting a policy and leaving it at that. That’s a mistake because the super expensive stuff won’t be covered properly and you won’t get out what you need in order to get the same or better cellphone that you lost to a pair of beady eyes and light fingers.

You should rather insure these expensive items individually so that they can be replaced according to their respective values. You’ll also need to include a few other details, including serial numbers for all electronic devices and their sale values, certificates for all diamond jewellery and respective values, and estimated sale value of all items.

Save this info for later

Obvs the big present-giving day hasn’t arrived… So we suggest that you save this number 0860 50 50 50 in your phone or bookmark this page here so that you can get a quote for super cheap portable possessions insurance and cover your new bling, camera, phone, tablet, and whatever else you’re generously gifted with this year.

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